Friday, March 22, 2013


I helped a friend recently with her grandmother's typewriter - repaired, serviced, overhauled, cleaned, oiled, changed some parts, spray painted her typewriter and loads of works done. Of course, all these was done by the professional.

This is her Remington when I picked it up from her place, the box wooden briefcase is in a very bad conditions and the typewriter itself  is rusty, not in a working conditions and looking sad though...

The owner, requested for the typewriter to be painted in turquoise blue and since the owner can't find the colour that she wants, she changed it to red - it is carnival red.  This is after all work done and a sparkling brand new typewriter it is. Carnival red REMINGTON!

 this is her typewriter after make over...isn't it so nice and bright! I love it!  

Next to the carnival red REMINGTON is my own REMINGTON with its original paint and vintage conditions. 

loving my old vintage REMINGTON 

my girl is trying the carnival red REMINGTON

the wooden briefcase - before make over

the wooden briefcase - after make over

the wooden briefcase is fixed - much better from the previous conditions

If you are looking for someone to help you to repair and service your typewriter, look no further - drop me an email at

Friday, December 28, 2012

My December Project Life pages

Hello! How are you guys? I hope everyone are happy with the coming New Year - very soon, holiday and recently the Christmas celebrations.  I am just relaxing at home and settling a few things that needs to be settled before the end of 2012.

Sitting down with the ID again is tiring and I just can't wait for my new craft room/studio to be done.

Today posting, I am going to share with you my Project Life blog post for Papier.

 the introduction page of my December 2012 Project Life. I used "Design I" sleeve.

the 2nd page 

my 2012 Project Life was done by month, hence I will make sure I have a special sleeve for that particular month.  Here a close-up of my December 2012 

the 3rd page, I used "Design H" sleeve and my washi tapes are just perfect to hide those not a perfect photo taken and to avoid the content of my sleeves from slipping out.  You can spot those bits of washi tapes in my Project Life pages.

 the 4th page, nothing fancy but I love to take picture daily, hence 90% of my PL has my daily routine pictures. Be it at home, with friends and etc.  On another note, 90% of my journal in my Project Life are typed using my "vintage typewriter".  I just loves the "typewriter font" but a bit of effort and kind of something different to me.

the 5th page of my PL, I used "Design F" sleeve.
A picture of my altered book pages that was done by my scrap buddies. You know who you are and thank you guys, I am over the moon with all the pages.

 the 6th page of my PL

some close-up, not all pockets filled with photo but try to put some sentiments or just a simple and nice patterned paper will do.  Picture above is a simple die cut that was cut using Cameo.
"JOURNEY" - for me it means these are my "DECEMBER JOURNEY"

another close-up, I also used some nice doily and glitter paper for this as I wanna show both pictures on the right and left next to the doily represent "pictures of loves". Love to her cousin and love and bonding between "mom and her dear daughter"

That is how I do my Project Life guys. 

Lets treasure every moment and documents your daily or monthly routine through Project Life, you will be smiling 10 years later if you gets to flip through your Project Life album together with your family.  

To have a look at my Project Life pages, drop by at Papier and don't forget to register for your next Project Life crop sessions with us.  Check out for more details at Papier today.

Happy Project Life-ing!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Project Life DT for Papier

Thanks to Papier for the offer and I am now their new Project Life DT. Hopefully, by joining their team I am more discipline to get my Project Life done on time.  Don't forget to keep checking Papier's blog for news, crop sessions, new arrivals and many more.

The coming year will be more fun as I heard there will be more DTs joining Papier and of course there will be more projects to be shared.  Keep a look out on my next posting of Project Life, which I have never shared before.

*the below post was taken from Papier's blog and thanks to Macy and their RDA Amelia Khalik ;)

Project Life Dt - Yuzz Yusof

Introducing Papier Project Life Dt 

Hi! My name is Yuzz Yusof, I have been scrapbooking for 4 years and I love doing anything creative but have found my niche with scrapping.  Scrapbooking is definitely my patient and favourite way to channel my creative energy and it is very much therapeutic and also this is part of my "ME" time.  Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing the faces I love most light up when they look at my work. 

I would categorize my style as bright, colourful, vintage, clean, shabby chic sometimes and also a mixture of everything - nothing specific.  I am very thankful to have found this amazing hobby and through scrapbooking, I have made lifelong friendships and created a lasting legacy for my family.  Do hop on to my blog BLOSSOMINCH to see my creative works.

Here's some of Yuzz's Project Life pages.

Welcome on board Yuzz Yusoff. We look forward to more inspirations from you! :)
Thats all for this time, I will be blogging soon and see you in my next post.

Friday, November 30, 2012

My collection of typewriters to let go...

Below are my collection of typewriters that I need to get rid since I am cleaning up my space, if you are really interested to own one vintage typewriter, in a very good working conditions, serviced by the professional, cleaned and in their original paint - look no further email me at

Royal Commander  


Olivetti Dora 

Empire Aristocrat 

Have a great Friday and awesome weekend everyone.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sharing an old layouts...

It has been a long time I did not share with all of  you in my blog on what I have been up to so far.  I love taking my own sweet time on what to do and when to finish it, I have created some layouts, mini album, doing my book binding, round robin to alter a book, tags for swap and most of all busy with my Project Life which will be wrapped soon in a couple of months as we are ending the year of 2012. I am so glad that my Project Life is in "her excellent" condition, please forgive me for bragging. I can't wait to start my second year of doing my Project Life again and hopefully it will be more fun and many more awesome memories to be captured and documented.

Today, I would like to share with you the layouts that I have done from the middle of this year until recently. Not that many but I do create some simple layouts - I agreed with Mariam that papers, ribbons, colours really make us scrapbookers happy, don't we?

 I miss my short hair

 Believe in yourself

 love this moment

 a very simple page...

 26 Dec 2011


 3 years old

u mean so much to me...
This layout was given to me as a birthday gift by Jaz Lee from Singapore and I just add my girl picture.  Thank you Jaz for the awesome layout!

 picture perfect
This layout I scraplifted the design from Leeann Pearce, thank you Leeann as I never fails to visit her blog and she never fails to impress me with her machine stitching on her layouts and all her awesome project.

 I love the idea of how Leeann punch the circle and machine stitched them "you can see above" exactly like what she did, lovely way to embellished the page to the brim. Go to her blog and check it out!

 Thank you Leeann from the bottom of my heart!

I wish to share more projects, perhaps in my next post -  I will and thank you for reading and dropping by. 
Cheers xx

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hi! I am just plain lazy to blog nowadays, even for a short one.  Here I am again, once in a blue moon and I am sharing my very old layouts which I did like many months ago.

Trying to use up my stash and not to buy so many patterned papers and thank God nowadays, I totally limit myself from buying and shopping online for all the "yummy licious" scrapbook stuffs.  Enough of my rambling, here is the layout...

Just these two images this time, will be sharing more layouts when I have the time to blog. Happy crafting and thank you for visiting and reading my post. xx