Thursday, June 28, 2012

My canvases', Swap and Typewriter

Hello! Everyone, it has been ages I did not update my blog and here I am trying to squeeze some time to get this blog updated.

A couple of months ago, my swap buddies decided to exchange a canvas project and I have done 4 canvases' for the swap.  I am totally in awe, love the work of Christy Tomlinson and totally inspiring, thanks to her.

The 1st canvas gone to Roza and I hope it is happily sitting in her studio.


This is the canvas, I received from Roza...
Thank you this awesome piece of canvas!

The 2nd canvas was done for a swap as well, but unfortunately my swap partner not really keen to swap, hence this canvas will be put up hanging on my wall.



The 3rd canvas, is currently residing in Singapore with Emeline , and this is my canvas to her.

This is the canvas that I received from Emeline...
Love yours Emeline , very soothing colours used.

 The 4th canvas, experienced the same scenario as number 2, and totally inspired by Christy Tomlinson, this canvas will be put up hanging on my wall.  Very colourful indeed!


The rest of my swap buddies has created nothing but "va va voom" canvases'.  I haven't got the chance to take pictures of all the canvases'.

Besides these, that I have created a few projects which I am yet to share but some have been shared in my IG.

A little announcement, for those who are looking for a vintage old typewriter, you can email me at and I also do "services" for old typewriters. Rest assured all typewriters are professionally serviced and good to be used.  You can check with my friends, Amelia@Baby Blue and Liza@Misscraftee as I have done for them.

Thank you for dropping by and reading my post and have a great day ahead and happy crafting.