Friday, March 22, 2013


I helped a friend recently with her grandmother's typewriter - repaired, serviced, overhauled, cleaned, oiled, changed some parts, spray painted her typewriter and loads of works done. Of course, all these was done by the professional.

This is her Remington when I picked it up from her place, the box wooden briefcase is in a very bad conditions and the typewriter itself  is rusty, not in a working conditions and looking sad though...

The owner, requested for the typewriter to be painted in turquoise blue and since the owner can't find the colour that she wants, she changed it to red - it is carnival red.  This is after all work done and a sparkling brand new typewriter it is. Carnival red REMINGTON!

 this is her typewriter after make over...isn't it so nice and bright! I love it!  

Next to the carnival red REMINGTON is my own REMINGTON with its original paint and vintage conditions. 

loving my old vintage REMINGTON 

my girl is trying the carnival red REMINGTON

the wooden briefcase - before make over

the wooden briefcase - after make over

the wooden briefcase is fixed - much better from the previous conditions

If you are looking for someone to help you to repair and service your typewriter, look no further - drop me an email at


  1. What a wonderful transformation.. it looks brilliant now!

  2. Excellent job, Yuzz!! The result amazed me! :)

  3. Waahhh..u should bukak kedai lah! So nice the workmanship. :)

  4. Jako mi se sviđa...prekrasno !!!!!

  5. Ohh, Yuzz ... this is gorgeous!!!. I was @ Scrappingville just yesterday and was awestruck upon looking at one carnival red vintage typewriter on the table. I fell in LOVE :). Had a chance typing some words and it was a smooth beauty :). Could this be the one?. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  6. Thank you everyone! Shahrul Niza, yes it is Sharon's typewriter. She is happy with her carnival red and I am so glad she love it! Are you looking for one? Let me know.

  7. Oh my! That is pure magic! Amazing results you got!
    I'm very impressed! Bravo!!

  8. You are the BEST !!! excellent job mate!!! hugs...xoxo

  9. WOW thats looks amazing and i LOVE the colour Gosh that was so worry revamping!

  10. That is remarkable. It looks fantastic!!! TY for stopping by blog and sharing your blog with me:):) new follower!!!

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  13. bila lah i nak beli typewriter ni..hehe..

    how much ya Yuzz? expensive tak? which font you think i should be getting? nak survey ...

  14. Hi Yuzz! I've been loving your IG posts of all things vintage especially the typewriters! Acquired myself an Olympia Splendid 66. Hoping to hear good news from my parents in finding their old typewriters which includes dad's cursive one!!


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