Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Polka Dot Place

Hello! I missed blogging yesterday, haven't had the time to post this yesterday and here I am. This layout was done for this blog. However I am not sure is it a challenge or ...but since I have done it lets share it with you. The sketch...

and my take...

remember the sneak peek? this is the layout la...

Thanks for dropping by and happy crafting. Hugs

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scrap I Inspire I Create

Short post on this, layout below was done for the above sketch and blog.

This layout is very simple and fast to do, a plain cardstock coloured with a little bit white gesso and the journal on top was typed using my vintage typewriter.

I stitched the gauze bandage at all the 4 edges of this 12 x 12 cardstock with my sewing machine and the rest is very straight forward. Thanks for looking.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Color Room Palette # 51

What a fun weekend, I had a blast on Saturday. Met few "friends" and I really had a great sessions with both of you ;). The Papier Spring Market also a fun one and I really enjoyed myself doing the 5 tags. Thanks to all the DTs.

I managed to finish 3 layouts last weekend including the sneak peek (which will be shared tomorrow may be).

Today lets see what I did with "The Color Room Palette # 51". This palette totally my it! Before I did the below layout, I am blank at 6:30 pm yesterday on how to do this palette...I mean the sketch and how the LO gonna be. My mojo totally dried...and I am totally tired, I slept immediately after lunch and woke up at 4 pm for prayers and bla...bla..bla...started working at 6:30 pm. However that is not immediately, I was looking for photos, papers and colours on how to begin...finally I decided to just do it "freely" without even thinking on what to put in this layout! I just grabbed whatever near me (of course there are 2 awesome jars in front of my eyes!) these jars are full with embellishments "it was a gift"...and this is my take for the above palette.

"your colourful birthday"

the colourful thickers - from Studio Calico and some from my stash
the banner is from Maya Road and I coloured them according to the palette # 51

thanks to you and you for the journal card tag, pink lace and flowers

I used my sewing machine to make the bottom ruffles with a piece of patterned cotton cloth

I used a blank cream colour cardstock from my Studio Calico kit and coloured the background randomly as per the palette given

This layout is very colourful indeed and I just love that I am able to turn blank 12 x 12 cardstock into a total mess...most of my paints are from Americana, Jo Sonja's and Scrapbook colours. If you can see in this layout, I even used my sewing machine to sew all the 4 edges. If you were to ask me what is my favourite tools? My answer is my SM!

Thanks for looking and will be visiting you soon! Have a great week. Oh, by the way I have another two layouts to be shared. Don't forget to come and visit me again. Hugs

Saturday, March 26, 2011

the best of times

Remember on this sneak peek? This layout was done for Inspire Me and I just play along and really had so much fun creating this with the help of my girl.

I cut the Webster's Pages patterned paper so that it has shape and sew the edges with different kinds of patterns and I put some distress ink as well.

I played a lot with rub and buff & some paints which is more or less the same colour as the patterned paper.

these are "the best of times" even though sometimes you driving me nuts, totally nuts but I love you baby!

I love this red doilies and it is acid free

Thank you for looking and have a great weekend. Hugs

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another sneak peek...

To get your layout done in a jiffy, just put whatever you can grab and have fun. That is what I did this morning before I am off from the house. While waiting for my other half to get ready I did the above, I only have to add title and may be a few embellishments later on.

Thank you for looking. Hugs

Metal Art ATCs

After attending the metal art class by Catherine last two weeks, I immediately get hooked to do metal art. Since I have a few rolls of colored foils in my studio, I quickly grabbed them and started working. For this month ATC swap with Liza and Amelia, we have a theme - to create metal ATCs.

I did a couple from the metal tape and also from the colored foils. The techniques I used included rub and buff, sand, stamp, and some embossing. You can try, it is fun and the technique and way of doing this metal art is endless, it is totally up to your imagination and this time my technique are quite simple, very easy and straight forward. Sharing some ATCs I did last week using colored foils.

To the rest of my ATCs swap partners, my apologies these metal ATCs are not included in your swap. I have put aside a different type of ATCs for you guys, if you want one of the above - next swap perhaps ;)

Thank you for the lovely comments I have received in my previous post and thanks a bunch for dropping by. Hugs

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sneak peek

I will be sharing with you this layout soon, I did it yesterday night with my girl Zara. Thanks for looking...

9 pin cushions and Snippet rolls

I did these pin cushions last week and not 1 but 9 altogether. 2 of it for my swap partners and the rest are kept in my drawer.

Do you want one?

and these snippet rolls was done for my swap partners again, I did it early of this month but keep on forgetting to share in this blog. It is so easy, you can go here and here to see the tutorials on how to do the "snippet roll". Thank you to Carole, Alice and Camilla for sharing the tutorial. Have fun creating...


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Charity for Japan

I managed to join the Charity for Japan organised by Tomoko and I did 4 cards, not able to do more than that as I have so many WIP to be done on my craft table. I am totally not a card person, hence my cards are just simple.

I have something to share on my next post and thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I wanted to join the apronology class at Scrappingville but due to some commitments I can't make it and what I came out with is this....

My own "apronology"! I bought 1 meter of canvas piece and from that 1 meter canvas I get 3 aprons... I sewed them all and now waiting to be embellished. I will share with you once I am done.

Thanks for dropping by! Hugs

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Color Room Palette # 50

I have created a layout last week for the above challenge at The Color Room. The above palette totally not my colour and I find it hard to play with, totally. However, I managed to get this layout done..."I see you in me" enjoy the pictures and would love to hear your comments.

I added a punchanella on top/right side and love it and I also used my soft drinks bottles caps (top & bottom part of layout)
You can see I added a few Pink Paislee, Artisan Elements and I "mist, rub and buff" them with different shades of blue colours.

The Jo Sonja's, French Blue is totally the right colour for this palette and lucky me I have it in my drawer.
The blue background paper is from my Studio Calico. Can you spot the swirl rope next to the blue lace? That one was inspired by Finnabair layout TCR # 49.

Since this layout is fulled with embellishments, I decided not to use any "thickers" I wrote the title instead and I used my antique vintage typewriter for the journaling and I love the font.

I have something to share as I have lots of mojo came and visited me over the weekend.

I managed to do 3 aprons out of 1 meter canvas (I sewed all of them), I did 9 pin cushions, 7 ATCs (6 are metal ATCs). I will be swapping metal ATC with Liza & Amelia this Saturday, cool!

Have a good week ahead and thanks for dropping by. Hugs

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another fabric album

Sharing with you another project of mine which is completed a couple of weeks ago but I kept forgetting to share it here in my blog.

Remember on my previous entry, I did my first set of fabric albums for a swap? I have also created a second set of fabric albums (in this badge there will be 4 fabric albums)

This is one of it and this one will find her new home my friend...I hope you will like it!

I put used Kodak's film at the side of the album

a little peek...

Thank you for all your comments in my previous entry and have a bless Thursday.


My first pin cushion

I have not been blogging for quite sometimes, however I have created some projects a couple of weeks ago.

I have created this pin cushion for her, and I hope she will like it!
Turns to be like a small pumpkin, well that is my first handmade pin cushion everyone.

Do you want one?

Have a good week ahead and lets pray for all those affected by the tsunami/earth quake in Japan. Hugs, xoxo

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ATCs swap

I promised a few of my blogger friends that I will blogged about the ATCs that I have received. Here sharing with you some of the ATCs (not all) that I have in my album collection so far...

front view: these 3 ATCs is a private swap between myself and LifeofLo-Ro

back view: thanks Alex!

front view: This is something classic - Quick ATC swap by Marsha Sutton from Swap-bot.

back view

front view

back view: These 3 ATCs is a private swap between me and AliceandCamilla


back: A private swap between myself and Yesh, ATC Loteria.

back: The above ATCs is also a private swap between me and Erna.


back: this is from Swap-bot, Musical ATC swap by Chandra Mountain. This photo was taken by her in 2009 and I love this photo, it is printed on a canvas like paper (I think).


back: I rasa Mia Zara pun boleh buat ATC ni.
This one is from Swap-bot, Musical ATC by Verne Jenkins apparently she is crazy over Rooster.

That's all happy crafting and thanks for all your comments in my previous posts'.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Color Room # 48

This is my first time submitting a layout for TCR. I really love how I get to play with mix media and colors.

The skirt was created about few weeks ago, but I "KIV" this layout as I don't have mojo. However, upon stumbled on TCR challenge #48, I quickly twist this layout a little bit by adding colors according to the color palette #48.

I created my own flower

It has been a while I did not create any 12 x 12 layout, been ages! Thanks for looking and have a good week ahead.