Friday, January 21, 2011

Scrappy resolution 2011

I enjoyed my public holiday yesterday by creating 6 ATCs and I really love the outcome...this time I worked with mist, stamps and I also used my vintage typewriter. The results are just awesome for me. On another note, I have been getting snail mails every week - this is all because of my private swaps and also from the Swap-bot. I really love swapping ATCs with fellow artists/crafters and some of the swaps are not ATCs...I have done swapping laces, ribbons, flowers and etc. I have also received a number of happy e-mails from them.

Back to the topic, my scrappy resolution for this year is to used all my old stash and make do with what I have. I would like to concentrate and focus what works best for me and I would also like to explore more on using paints, colours or any mediums. Having said that I also have to be very choosy when buying my supplies.

My Martha Stewart punchers, EK and whatever brand you named it has been stored in a big box as for now. This is because the drawer can't accommodate the amount of punchers that I have. I also discovered that I have 100 over wooden spools. When I look at all the things that I have I just don't know which one to use and start. I think scrapper can't have enough of
embellishments/supplies. All the new arrivals are so intimidating...

I am also looking forward to have this built for me soon (similar to the photo above). Since the beginning of my scrapbook hobby I have always admired the clean look and organized room of Keisha. I have never fails to visit her blog every now and then because she is good in photography and I really love her scrapping room. I have kept few simple cabinet design and hopefully this will help. Some of my things are store in a vintage boxes that I have collected over the years and the latest are these...

Got to go and enjoy your weekend.


  1. Oh yes! I saw Keisha's very lovely...:)

    I find ATCs hard to do...they're so small! Kudos on making 6! That's one week of blog projects for me! *wink*

  2. That display is awesome! LOVE those little cases!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog! xxx

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh I would like that too!!! LOVING those cases! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Yeaayyy to the resolution! I know u can do it. Wooww cant wait for ur display to be ready. I'm sure it's gonna be beautiful n that box! Hhhhmmmm yummy...:))

  5. wow very productive... 6 ATC... I have yet to do one...

    Oh yes! I saw Keisha's display...very neatly TDF...!!!... YAY... good on you... on the new resolution.... cant wait to see...must be gorgeous too...xoxo

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  7. hi beautiful lady..

    thanks for ur ur blog..
    all ur artwork are superb!!
    now im getting started to scrap-booking too..
    wish me luck k..

  8. Wow this is such a neat idea to place all the stash!! Can't wait to see your new storage!!

  9. I worked on two ATC's for you this weekend, one to go I think! Can you contact me offline, I cant find your mail! M

  10. great resolutions babe...go for it!

  11. Thank you ladies for the lovely comments and LG all the best to you.
    Margaret, I have contacted you and hope to swap soon.

  12. Wah...great resolution. I'm almost done with my cleaning up. Gosh...seriously so much to clear kan??

  13. Hey.
    Seriously, there is no Way you can use up all of your stuff. I always say that I'm going to use up my junk before I buy new junk... but I totally don't.
    Give in. Buy more storage and accept that you are going to just keep buying stuff.
    It's an art curse, or something, I totally swear it.

  14. Thanks for the nice comment and the follow! Your blog is so cute!!! I love the look!

    To answer your question, you can start with anything when you alter a book. But I like to take out some pages every once in a while, leaving a tab about 1/4" to 1/2" wide and then to glue two or three pages together for strength. If you coat them with gesso, it will give a brittle page some strength.

    Try Googling "altered books" for more ideas on how to start.

    Right now, I'm working on altering some envelopes. I'm using ones that my mail comes in and then will put them together with binder rings to make a book. Have a look at Amy's blog to see an example of what I want to make:

    Have fun!

  15. Thank you for stopping by my blog and the lovely comment. My suggestion for starting with Altered Books would be to join a couple of the Yahoo online groups. They have a wealth of information available in the files section and the other members are more than happy to help others. Email me if you need links. All my best-

  16. Gulp! Banyaknyaaaaaaa!!!! you lucky girl so many punches!! enjoy them ;)

    and the bags!!! i tell ya, i can't have enuf of them!!!


    o, btw, can i have your email address?thank you.


  17. Howdi Blossominch

    You've been very very busy.... I see ! Yr munchkin is as photogenic as you are.

    I like your crate makeover. Is it still available ? I haven't seen them for a long time. Wouldn't mind getting one myself for storing my paint ........!

    Do drop by if u can tear yourself away from your scrapbooking

    Warmest wishes n regards


  18. Hello! Ladies...thanks for the comments, you really brighten my day!


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