Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It was around 7:30 pm, I changed my baby diaper and I noticed the "thing" again...hernia... Remember I mentioned about this not long ago. However, this time when I touch that "thing" she screamed and cried...ooouch!!! Help!!!

I called Prince Court minute ago, and the operator greeted me with my name (you heard me my name!) I was surprised and I said how do you know its me? and she replied..I recognized your voice! how cool is that...this 7 stars hospital just know how to give a good service. I am arranging for an appointment with her paediatrician again for the coming week.

Monday, February 22, 2010

i City

Our weekend was superb...we had so much fun spending our time together as a big family...not to mentioned I did one layout (soon will be featured).

Few shots from last week activities.

We went to i City on Friday night just to get a clear view of the place as widely speculated by the newspapers and of course "word by mouth". To my surprise the place is beautifully lighted with so many colourful trees, animal objects and many more.

Dozens of digital maple and pine light trees make for a colourful forest that delights the eyes. At the other side of the area, we walked between rows of cherry blossoms and spot LED peacocks and other creatures of the forest at a nearby pond shrouded by the digital lights. As we strolled along the area, we was wowed by rows upon rows of red lanterns lending the place a traditional Chinese New Year atmosphere with a modern twist.

However, we did not explore the whole place as it was packed with people and cars and we decided to go again some other time. Have you been to i City?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mia and My baby you...

These 2 layouts was created during my Crop Party at Papier on 31 January 2010. Thanks for dropping by!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

True Stories

I am a true fan of Sohier Khashoggi in fact I have all her books collection, her books are truly inspiring and it is true stories. I love true stories compared to fiction.

Recently I had a chance to go to this MPH Bookstore fest somewhere in town and I managed to grab a number of books like Do They Hear You When You Cry by Fauziya Kassindja, Desert Royal by Jean Sasson, Behind Closed Doors by Jenny Tomlin, Pack of 3 books comes in a box: Real Life Real Drama Sold by Tess Stevens, Runaway by Skye Sinclair and Scarred by Sophie Andrews. I haven't had the chance to read those books, I will one day! Busy la...

I have also read Beautiful Girl by Torey Hayden and it was an amazing true story, I cried when she was treated like a slave by her own flesh and blood/mother. What a pity girl!
Go to your nearest bookstore and get one, you won't regret!

Swimming at home

My daughter was so happy because she get a new swimming is just the plastic swimming pool though, however she enjoyed it! She scream on top of her lungs, everytime she sees the swimming pool wanting me to change her clothes to her mini swimming suit. What a drama queen...she got the swimming pool on Tuesday and has been to the pool everyday without fail ok!

Here a few shots of her in the pool...

Trip to KLCC Aquaria

tak sabar nak pegi ni...

On Monday 15 February: yours truly, Nurul Afzan, Suzila and Adib decided to bring our princess and the prince of Suzy and Adib to KLCC Aquaria to experience the underwater world.

Anaqi and Mia Zara

What an amazing place...the queue was long however we managed to cut the queue by paying our entrance fees using Touch N Go. Remember when you want to visit Aquaria use your Touch N Go! Overall we had a great day together! Nurul, Adib and myself took a lot of photos...lets share with all of you. Enjoy!

we get to touch varieties of fish here in these open aquarium

this is "gamat"

Adib & Anaqi

Suzy & Anaqi

shark feeding time

The last five photos was a shark feeding time and of course other fishes' join the meal. It was a nice experience for all of us. Thanks for stopping by!

Trip to the National Zoo

On Saturday 13 February, myself and Nurul Afzan decided to bring my little girl to the National Zoo to experience and see all the wild and not wild animals in the zoo.

After we had our breakfast at home off we go to the zoo, we had to passed Batu Caves area and it is so jammed - the way leading to Karak highway, this is due Chinese New Year which falls on Sunday and some of the people in Kuala Lumpur are heading back to "balik kampung".

Once we reached the zoo area, as usual my little girl is quite amazed with what she saw - animals big, small, weird look and all kind of sizes are available in the National Zoo. The zoo looks a bit run down however the animals are all well fed. The visitors on Saturday are mainly Malays and Indians, however we could see a few Chinese family though, may be they are celebrating their Chinese New Year here in Kuala Lumpur.

with the snake

The entrance fees for Malaysian adult is RM20 (if I am not mistaken) and baby below 1 year if FOC (free of charge). We brought some foods from home and had our quick lunch in front of the giraffe and elephant area. The foods in the zoo are sucks! and they are way way too expensive! So if you decided to bring your family to the zoo in the future make sure you bring your own foods and drinks. The zoo have allocated quite a big picnic area for the public, not to mention a lot of bench and little "pondok" for you to rest.

Nurul Afzan feeding the deer

We explored and covered most of the area in the zoo and we had our Zohor prayers at the surau and after that off we go home.

We managed to snap a lot of photos and not all animals was captured by my DSLR. Anyway, enjoy the photos...

as usual when she goes out, her face is sour...don't know why....

Nurul always there for us, she accompany us everywhere we go...most of the trips. I owe her "big time"...thanks Afzan!

now you started to smile...har!

Overall we enjoyed our trip and had a great time together!