Monday, February 22, 2010

i City

Our weekend was superb...we had so much fun spending our time together as a big family...not to mentioned I did one layout (soon will be featured).

Few shots from last week activities.

We went to i City on Friday night just to get a clear view of the place as widely speculated by the newspapers and of course "word by mouth". To my surprise the place is beautifully lighted with so many colourful trees, animal objects and many more.

Dozens of digital maple and pine light trees make for a colourful forest that delights the eyes. At the other side of the area, we walked between rows of cherry blossoms and spot LED peacocks and other creatures of the forest at a nearby pond shrouded by the digital lights. As we strolled along the area, we was wowed by rows upon rows of red lanterns lending the place a traditional Chinese New Year atmosphere with a modern twist.

However, we did not explore the whole place as it was packed with people and cars and we decided to go again some other time. Have you been to i City?

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