Monday, October 25, 2010

My busy weekend and broken big shot

I had a busy weekend, Saturday and Sunday morning I attended my folk art classes and I missed the Sharon K class at Scrappingville. I managed to paint 2 blank board during weekend and I did 1 layout. I will share with all of you soon.

Saturday afternoon I also attended my tatting class and it was kind of easy to do but require a lot of patient, which make me think twice.

Another thing, my big shot is broken and I need to get a new one. Or do you know where can I go to fix this? Otherwise I will just dump the whole thing into the dustbin. The sad things is that I bought like a dozen of dies recently - Sizzix and Tim Holtz and I also ordered like 16 dies from a local art store. Without big shot all the dies are useless! This one totally spoiled my mood and mojo to scrap more last night.


  1. I think there's a warranty for the Big Shot..check with the craft store. The sizzix dies work on the Cuttlebug too.

  2. Yuz,
    The screw does look kinda senget. Mmg patah ke?
    Why don't you try writing an emailto Sizzix and ask if they have any spare parts for the screw. If you have to buy pun it's still cheaper than buying a whole new machine. Maybe they can sell you just the handle ke? Take lots of pics and attach in the email. In fact, if your big shot is less than 90 days, you can even get the replacement for free.
    Try la.. no harm done!!

  3. Ouch! Try get a replacement..under warranty?

  4. im sorry to hear you had a tough one. Everything will be okay. Try to see if warranty will help, or any other bodies can help with repair... let us know it it goes ok...please dont let that stop you frm crafting...

  5. Broken?? alamak..try to get it fix lah beb, otherwise..eerrr buy a new one?? hehehe. Yeah larr u miss d class, it's interesting but be prepared to stay late. I was there from 10 till 3.30! :)

  6. Thanks ladies, I have contacted Papier and the Sizzix and all good. If Papier can't repair I will opt to Sizzix as they are willing to repair. The only thing is that I have to find out from Sizzix on the cost. If it is too expensive I would rather buy a new one!

  7. I just broke my big shot within one week as the paper jammed up. i need yr help. how to get it repaired?? :(

  8. Dear All
    I have my Sizzix replaced early of the year and it was a brand new Sizzix - the same color as mine.

    Anonymous, thank you for dropping by and can check with the shop from where you bought your Sizzix and that shop will be able to help. As I bought it from my local scrapbook store and I went back to them and they helped me by contacting the Sizzix US and finally get it replaced as Sizzix US sent me new machine as a replacement. Do email me at if you need further details.


  9. Sorry Anonymous, you can email me at

    1. I have a broken big shot. Was trying to take it apart and can't even do that. Do you know how to do that or do you know who repairs them? I love the machine and it's hard to do without it. It's too old for a warrenty.

    2. Hello! Anonymous, you can check with your local scrapbook store or the store from where you bought your machine. They can try and fix it. Thanks for dropping by.


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