Friday, April 23, 2010

Sewing machine

I am looking to get a sewing machine to stitch on scrapbook pages. I have heard great things about few "brands" and I am considering purchasing one. However, I would like to see if there are others I should look into. I am looking for something reasonably priced, easy to use, space-efficient, and will handle sewing paper well. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Thanks to my friends for recommending me to a local craft store and also a recent buy from online shops make me feels so happy, I've got what I want and still it is not enough!!!

Scrap-It-Lah Anniversary Fourth Blog Hop Challenge

Here is the next challenge from Scrap-It-Lah hosted by DT Yatie and she is offering yummy RAK for the winner. Hop over to her blog for more details.

My "mojo" not good this week so again it is not my favorite layout, however my favorite girl in there! Here is my take title "1st lollipop"

I wrote in a piece of paper all the manufacturers names but couldn't find the paper and here I will just list them down according to what I remember.

I used:
1. Pink felt fusion by Queen & Co.

2. Tattered Angel glimmer mist pearl
3. Americana crackle medium
4. Americana acrylic paint: rose calesita, azul bahana, emperor's gold or empereur for dazzling metallic elegant finish.
5. Sun burst stains colour: cherry bossom pink opaque
6. H20 overcoat varnish
7. Inkssentials opaque pen white
8. Paper: backyard peep by American Crafts
9. Paper: Aquaflake/Autumn leaves by Rhonna Farrer
10. Paper: S.E.I
11. 1 Making Memories button
12. 1 Momoyo pin
13. Distress ink by Jim Holtz : vintage photo
14. White net lace from local craft store
15. Artline acid free glue
16. Coloured sands
17. Purple/blue alike pattern paper for background
18. Lollipop embellishment red colour from local art store
19. American Crafts pink thicker
20. Black acid free pen

that's all I can remember...

Texture : { Create } Make it happen!

At { Create } Make it happen! their April challenge is hosted by DT Nadia, for this challenge you are required to add texture to your layout instead of just patterned can see some of the amazing layouts done by { Create } Team here.

As for my layout, this week my 'mojo' decided to peep me instead of staying over the weekend hence, my creative juice is very limited or I should says minimal...and I came out with just a little of textures'. I wanted to put more texture or "drama" in my layout but I can only came out with... I put black corrugated board and sand it with the Making Memories sanding block I glued the top of the corrugated board and put a little bit of coloured sands, sealed it with the H20 varnish to give shiny look finished, I used purple aluminium foil, put the emboss script and run them with my Sizzix Big Shot machine and the result my purple foil has got the script embossed on it. Some old net lace at the bottom, flowers and my patterned paper itself has got this embossed clear ink pattern. Not my favorite layout though...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Canon Selphy ES40

photo from Google images

Yeay...I've got my Canon Selphy ES40 on Saturday and we have tried printing the photo yesterday and the result awesome. A lot of free stuffs was given during the purchased together with a nice Canon Selphy orange bag.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Scrap-It-Lah Third Blog Hop Challenge

The minute I read their blog I know what I am going to do with my layout and what I am going to scrap about. However, it is a bit tricky as to how I am going to place all the alphas?? as I am thinking of putting all the alphas on my layout - I mean all the A, B, C until Z. I always sing the ABC song to my baby, especially in the car and she will follow me singing with her own pronunciation even though it is not that perfectly said.

This time at Scrap-It-Lah their third challenge presented by DT Nadhrah. Please hop by her blog in order for you to know more details about this challenge.
This time my layout are full with colours and I mixed all kind of alphas. Below is what I came out with...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sketch 181 by Pencil Lines

Zara loves to play drum at home but not the piano...he is amazed every time he saw her daddy played those instruments at home. That is where she picked her skills I guess, tapping the hihat with her little feet and searching for the sticks to beat the drum but no interest at all to my big giant black piano at home. No matter how many times I played the piano for her she will just keep doing her own things like sitting on her swing or in her small house or little castle which daddy's got for her...I want her to be able to play piano but looks like she has no interest. We will see soon she might change her mind...

My next layout is all about her playing the drum, for Sketch 181 at Pencil Lines below...

I interpreted the sketch on my own way and here is my take...

Challenge #52: Floss it up

Horses...I love horses so much and so as my husband, we love horses until we could spent like a boom buying all our riding gear, boots, accessories and all - you named it. We have been riding for ages and still in love with it. Those days I wasn't working and we will go to the club at around noon until night. There at the club we met all kinds of people "rich and famous" I should say and we still keep in touch with some of them. Everyday, our "dear horse" is patiently waiting for us at the stable, normally I will bring whole loads of foods for him and he know it for sure! He is waiting for the foods, waiting to be ride, waiting to be taken out, waiting to be bath and waiting to be groomed. Give me the horse, I can saddle them up and I am ready to ride. I remember when the reporter came to the club for an interview and also some TV stations came to do their assignment and the next morning the whole club was talking about it as we was featured in the TV.

Those days my free time was only spent at the club, home and went out with some friends over coffee and shopping or following my husband - traveling. Some called me "tai tai" but after a while I get bored and my husband allow me to work and here I am working. Now we hardly spent our time at the stable...busy with work and of course we have our munchkin now. Looking at all my horses things and my horse bag...ohhh...I really missed riding, to be honest I have seven riding boots and all the accessories are just waiting to be used. I remember when our horse falls sick the vet charges is damn expensive. Some says this is really and expensive hobby, yes it is and so as scrapping! Enough of the horses story...

Back to the challenge, this time it is from "Scrap your CRAP" you have to go here to know what is the challenge is all about and what they have for the winner. Here is mine...a photo with my dear friend during the FEI (Federation Equestre International) in KL.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scrap-It-Lah Second Blog Hop Challenge

I decided to join Scrap-It-Lah Second Blog Hop Challenge and you have to go here in order for you to find out what the second challenge is all about. Below is my take...

I scrapped a photo of Zara when she was 3 months old and chubby. You can see that I used the small butterfly puncher from Martha Stewart.

Colours of Kuala Lumpur

I have a piece of photo given by my friend last year and I promised her that I will scrap the photo given. She is a good photographer and picture was taken somewhere in front of the Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

I love the colour of the sky in the picture and I mixed it all up with all my left over patterned papers. Thanks for dropping by.

p/s: I am running out of photos now, I think I better get Canon Selphy.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sketch # 13

I came across nice sketch at
Here is the sketch # 13

and here is my take ...

I simply mix all the patterned papers ... to show that she brings colors to my life.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pencil Lines, Sketch 180

Here is the sketch from Pencil Lines, sketch 180:

and here is my take...

Twisted Sketch #043 by Twisted Sketches : 11 months

Here is the Twisted Sketch #043, challenge from the Twisted Sketches is my take.

Challenge #128 Fireflies : weird, planet earth

I am trying my luck by joining Scrapping the Music challenge #128, this week's song is "Fireflies" by Owl City. I choose the words "weird" and "planet earth" for my layout. Here is my take...

my journal in the layout:
"the grass looks weird to you, that was the first time I put you down on a grass and you don't like it. You cried but later on you was amazed to see Uncle Zul and Farid managed to catch a bigh fish from the lake"