Friday, July 29, 2011

Unmeasured Love

This layout was done last week within 1 hour - which is quite long and I used mainly my DT's kit for this and now this layout is displayed at Scrappingville. Check them out if you are interested to attend any of their classes or better still go to their shop for some shopping spree on those yummy scrapbook stuffs. 

Here you go, a simple layout and I am loving the border of this layout...the paint effect and gesso added some dramatic and hazy look for this page (at least for me).


If you like this layout come and join my class over at Scrappingville.  Till next time, happy crafting. Cheers!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hi! Everyone
Haven't had a chance to share any new entry after the last one as I was busy scrapping every other day...well you know my work is always WIP (work in progress) I hardly finished my layout in just one go...usually it should take me a couple of days or so. However on certain times I am done in a jiffy! I have about 4 layouts to be shared and in this entry are one of it.

Sharing with you a layout which I did for "Bird is the Word" and their word is HOPE. This layout was done last week but haven't had the time to upload the photos.  It was a layout for someone I did for FOC and she mentioned she wants it simple and I don't know this is simple enough for her...well at least I tried.  A couple of their layouts are waiting to be shared which I think I will in my next next entry.  I hope they like it as much I do enjoyed creating the page for them. So here you go! (this particular sentence is my girl's favourite sentence to me)
I purposely put an empty journaling tag above so that they can write some journal later on.

Some flowers are given by my swap buddy and you know who you are...thank you Kak Ame. Can you see those two woven kind of ribbons/laces in red under the photo and white, cream and green scallop just on top of the 12x12 paper? those are vintage ribbons/laces...and I have a little bit more to use.

That's all for now and I hope to see you again in my next post and happy crafting. Thank you for your lovely comments in my last post and thank you for stopping by to look at my work and till next time.  Cheers.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scrappingville: Yuzz's August 2011 Classes

Hi! everyone, haven't been updating my blog for so long. Been busy and somehow I managed to blog hopping and visited some of you and see all the beautiful and stunning work done. Thank you for the inspiration and thank you for leaving me with your comments, from the bottom of my heart...thank you thank you.

Good news to share, I am officially the new DT for Scrappingville, our local scrapbook store and thank you so much to Sharon for the opportunity. The news came when I was away holidaying a couple of weeks ago and what a oh my. You should check out the rest of the DTs over at Scrappingville and visit the shop to see the many new arrivals, paints, papers, tools and yummy stuff to shop.

Last week on Saturday was our first DTs meeting and we received 2 amazing kits, mini album and plenty of yummy embellishments to play with. I am done with my mini album by Sunday (partly done), done with a layout by now and I am on my WIP (work in progress) for another layout.

Here I am sharing with you the sneak peek of my two upcoming classes at Scrappingville, it will be a layout and mini album with lots of techniques to learn. Here you go...

Scrappingville: Yuzz's August 2011 Class
12 x 12 layout

*in this class, you will learn the technique of how to do a layering, details texturing, add different dimensions to your layout, mix media, a lot of fun & laughter and of course you will get to meet new friends too.

Scrappingville: Yuzz's August 2011 Class
Mini album

*in this class, you will learn the technique of how to play with colours and paint, texture paste, details texturing, add different dimensions to your mini album, masking, a lot of fun & laughter and of course you will get to meet new friends too.

Please drop by at Scrappingville and contact them for more info. Thank you for dropping by and see you again in my next entry. Cheers.

Monday, July 11, 2011


I haven't been updating my space ages...thats explain how busy I am with so much things going around to be settled. New house, new place and a lot of other is my last layout for Papier and enjoy the pictures.

I hope to see you again soon in my next entry. Cheers.