Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Book Binding

Thanks to all my blog readers for the lovely comment on my previous post, totally appreciate that.

Last week on Saturday, I went for my book binding class by Nadhrah and overall it is a good class. It is a bit hard for me at first, you know I sew a lot but to sew a book is just something totally new for me. We did two techniques and I brought back two books all sewn by myself. Thanks Nadhrah for the guidance.

I love this books because it lays flat when you open and on top of that I did it from scratch. Thank you for dropping by and have a great week.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Altered box and tin

I altered a box and a tin yesterday night...

You know on my previous post I did an album for a friend, bought a box to fit the album unfortunately the box that I bought can't fit the album. I am kind of lazy to run to Daiso again, instead I found this empty box at home an I decided to use it for the album.

I coloured the box (top part) in white colour and stamped it with Donna Downey foam stamp and added some colours. First, I wanted to embellish the box to the max, but with aprons to work with, with my girl screaming for attention and so on...I opt to just do the simple one for this box. I hope this is fine.

the cover

side view

side view

and this one is an empty tin which has Christmas colored on it, I painted the tin in ivory colour (I used metal colour) and stamped some images. Simple and very straight forward, this tin will go to the new owner on Saturday. You gave me tin, I give you an altered tin ;)

all yummy, colourful, beautiful and cuddly

Lastly, this image of yarns is for Rosa. All these yarns...will be yours this Saturday!

and one more....these aprons will be with the new owner this Saturday, sewn with tender loving care by yours truly and I hope they like it.

Thank you for looking and will be visiting you soon.

Friday, April 22, 2011

An album for you...

Hello! First of all, thank you for all the lovely comments in my previous post.

I have not been blogging for quite long and been busy with my aprons and plus I was not too well in the early of the week but totally fine on Wednesday because of Dusty Attic (typical scrapbooker!).

One of the reason I don't scrap because my mojo have gone somewhere for vacation (I think). I am trying very hard to finish those 3 aprons and due to a lot of hand stitching done (as I did applique for the aprons) I got severe headache on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday. The pain was so great, I cried, vomited and was on bed rest on those days.

However, while working with the aprons - I managed to sew an album for a friend which I have not seen for many months. I really hope she will like it, this album is super easy to make...ding dong ding dong....and it is done! I have yet to put some ruffles/yarns at the side of the album - just some ribbons. I will put a bit of "make-up" before this album gone to the new owner next week.
Just the front image for your viewing pleasure, the rest of the pages let the new owner decide - whether to share or not to share in her blog. ;)

If I have the time, I will be creating and ATCs over the weekend and may be a layout.

If you have been following my blog long enough...some of you might know that I love to read. Another obsession of mine is buying books, I would love to share and suggest to some of you to get this book title "The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch". I bought it last year and I have read it again and again as it is totally inspiring and sometimes I found myself in tears while reading it. Same goes to the previous book that I have read about Princess Masako, Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne.

A little note, thanks to the man of the house for the new book, I have read it halfway "Doctor in the House" ;)

Have a great weekend and thanks for popping by.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Enjoy today

I did a simple layout yesterday, I played with my acrylic paint again but this time with a totally different technique, no brush or tools used but just dropped the colours straight from the bottle to the patterned paper and then move them by moving the patterned paper itself.

Lately I often used plain paper for my LO but yesterday night I decided to use this red paper...not sure is it from my last year Studio Calico or just from the many papers that I bought those days.

This layout is too red for me...Well, after I am I am "embrace the imperfection".

Love my blooms, the ribbon bow and all laces are from my swap buddy.

The next two weeks will be my marathon week to finish those 3 aprons as I want them to wear on the 30th April. How about that - both of you?

Thanks for looking, have a great week and happy crafting.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thanks for the apron!

Kak Liza thank you for the apron and I love it, it has my name on top and I am so glad you love the Janome.

Some of you have asked me to do a review on the Janome. Well, it is a long story...the Janome was happily purchased for Liza Yahya and you might want to drop by at her blog and leave some love and I am sure she will be happy to reply you. Just a quick info, Janome provides 25 years warranty and it is a very reliable sewing machine. This particular model you can't find it in Malaysia, portable, light weight, small and for a small size sewing machine to have 60 stitches are just consider super awesome. For more info you can go here and here. I think some of you might want to get a sewing machine, don't you?

Little update: the name tag I did on my previous post below is totally inspired by Julie Van Oosten, the owner of Collection Elements and thanks to her for the inspiration. (Julie, I can't wait to receive the Collection Elements's package that soon will be reaching me next week, perhaps. Thank you so much!)

Thank you for all the comments on my previous post and you guys really make my day. Have a great weekend and thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My new name tag

I have been wanting to do my own name tag for so long but haven't had the chance to do so. Last week Sunday, while going through my stash I found my old name tag. It was a name tag that I did for a party at Papier ages ago. We are required to come with our name tag and at that time I am totally new in scrapbooking and never ever had a chance to go for any classes yet. However, I did mine and that old name tag is still in the same condition as I keep it in a transparent box.

Here is my new name tag that I did last week. Feels like I am just graduated from Kak Tim's class and this is more or less like his style. You know Kak Tim! Tim Holtz...

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scrap-it-Lah Blog Hop

love how the title pops up...I used the 3D glue

Hello! all, it is SIL blog hop challenge and for your information Scrap-It-Lah is celebrating 2nd anniversary blog hop and for further details head over here and here and join the fun.

First stop will be at Wati's Creations and she has a super simple challenge for everyone, to create a layout using one or more birthday pics. Here is my take...

I am trying to cover a lot of mistakes I did on this layout and due to that my girl end up at the bottom of this layout. I hate the lights, it doesn't do any justice to my layout! Whatever, hope you guys join the blog hop and thank you for dropping by.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another addition...

My other half has been very helpful on my scrapping needs so far, I have requested him to buy the white spray paint as I need to paint my 2 F&N crates. He even helped spray painted them for me on Sunday and my next mission is to paint my vintage sewing machine (you know the "kaki sewing machine spider web tu") which I bought from the antique flea market at Armcorp Mall few months ago.

another 2 F&N crates, total I have 3 of those

and these are another three jars that just found their new home...our home...

some of my rick rack, laces, pom pom trim and whatever that come in loose not in spools...this is the storage jar

some of my stamps' collection (not all)

now I have 2 of these jars...because it is so nice and tall...

Last week I did these awesome ribbon bows.

12 colours altogether

you can even put them at your jar

Thanks for looking.

Monday, April 4, 2011


All the way from Australia, Jem Platinum 760, portable sewing machine and so light, this machine can do 60 over stitches!

Finally its here Kak Liza

Those who has Janome, you know what I mean. Janome is a very reliable sewing machine and wouldn't it be nice if I have Bernina.

Thanks for looking.

March sketch challenge for Butterfly Crafts

I decided to join this March challenge over at Butterfly Crafts and I did the layout last week but after completing the layout I have a doubt...should I submit or should I just keep this...

Whatever it is I am done and lets share, here is the layout...

Head over here for more details and you can join too, last submission date is 10 April. Thank you for looking and thank you for all your comments in my previous post and I will be back tomorrow for more entries. Have a good week. Hugs

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beautiful jars

First of all thank you for all your comments in my previous post.
I have a layout to share but lets share with you on Monday and I am also in scrapping mood. My mind always thinking on what to create next be it layout or altered project.

Back to the topic, I have been looking for beautiful jars online or even at our local household shops. The jars from Ikea are quite common and I want something like my vintage jar that I inherited from my late mother ages ago. Found a few and I am one happy bunny with her tail 360 degree up!;)

this is the vintage jar that I inherited from my late mother and I filled it with lots of twines and threads

these are half of what I have...

I love my twines and yarn balls

Loving all those jars and it looks really yummy ha...enjoy your weekend and thank you for visiting.

Friday, April 1, 2011

your dummy glasses

This layout was done for The Color Room # 49. I did it half way with only the banner, the reason I tossed this layout away because I discovered that we have to follow the sketch. Only recently I was told that the sketch is just for guidance and not necessary to follow the sketch but you must follow the colours.

After a couple of weeks being abandoned, I picked it up a few days ago and finished it up with some crazy photos, colours here and there...bla...bla...bla and here is "your dummy glasses"

because of so much camera can see the silver mist clearly on the black cardstock

Kinda lazy layout done by me, because I don't want to waste my papers.
Thanks for looking and thank you so much for all your comments on my previous post. Have a great weekend!