Thursday, December 31, 2009

1950 - 2008

I found this old photo when my siblings and I was cleaning up our mother's house early of this year. I decided to scrap this photo which was taken in year 2001, 9 years ago.

1950 - 2008

My mother love the colour red and I decided to put as much red as possible. But not the paper as I don't have red paper at that time.

"Al-fatihah untuk mak, semoga roh mak dicucuri rahmat, ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman dan syurga balasannya untuk mak. Kami semua sentiasa mendoakan dan mengingati mak selalu"

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

31st December 2009

The end of year 2009 is approaching, soon we shall say goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010.

This also reminds us, in my family especially the day our beloved mother left us. She passed away on 31st December 2008, it has been a year now.

I lost my mother due to ovarian cancer, when I was 36 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby. It was so devastating as I am married for many years and when I was pregnant my mother are looking forward to see my baby. I gave birth on 12 January 2009, 12 days after my mother passed away. I am due on 5 February 2009 but as I am so down and stress I gave birth early. No mother around during my happy days as 1st time mother and only God knows how sad am I at that time even now. My mother suffered from cancer for almost 2 and a half years, 2 major operations was done, more than 20 cycles of chemotherapy and lots of medicines. It is heart wrenching to see she suffered from this. One after another operations and one after another chemotherapy. We was always with her when she is checked in the hospital, the hospital is like her 2nd home. Cancer is a common sickness in our family. My aunt is suffering from breast cancer, 2 of my relatives died of breast cancer. My mother’s brother died of lungs cancer and another brother of hers died of kidney cancer and my mother died of ovarian cancer.

To prevent this pap smear and full medical check up is a must for me every year. I have reminded all my siblings to do so.

Only God knows how much we miss her dearly. Things are not the same anymore without you!

Al-fatihah to our beloved mother.


We bought a pair of rabbits for our little girl last 2 weeks, it seems that she is happy with the bunnies. She is trying very hard to squeeze the bunny or even touch them, which I will not allow that to happen. This is because she always puts her hands in her mouth, that is totally not a good habit. We named the the 2 bunnies Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

Peter Pan

Last Monday, one of the bunny died, the problem is I don't know the one died is male or female. We better get another bunny in order not to let the other one being left alone.

Tinker Bell

I will posted more pictures once we get to buy the new bunny. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Being me

This photo is so old and I found this photo in my old album, so I decided to bring this photo along to my first ever scrapping class conducted by Nadia.

My sisters and I was so excited to go for the class and we had so much fun creating our own layout with the guidance from Nadia. Thanks to her for being so patient and such a good "guru".

I wanted to go for another class "creating a mini album" but, boy...I am still finding the right time to go.

However the layout has been altered a few days after I came back from Nadia's place. I did some stiching and added the buttons given. Not that perfect, however I love the layout.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

@ 5 months

This is my third layout which I scrapped about my hubby old photo. He was 5 months old at this time and Mia Zara looks like him a lot.

I guess 90% of my baby features more to my husband and she is definitely "daddy's girl". This layout reminds me of the word classic. Classic isn't it? It is very simple and the paper compliments the photo, how cool is that! I used some ribbons and the paper is from the same shop as well. Again I used Colorbox ink and stamps (that is the only ink pad that I have as I am very new to scrappbooking), Making Memories black curl ribbon, thickers which I color them in dark brown and some buttons. What is your classic layout? Share with me!

Thanks for stopping by. :)

G'ny and Smeagol

I have so many cats before, but I have gave them away...previously I have Smeagol and he is so adorable but he is gone. At this moment I have G'ny at home and she always try to get near me every time she saw me. She is the only princess I have before I had Mia Zara, she used to sleep with me, I used to cuddle her and she is everything to me and then came Bobby. Bobby is a male cat and he is quite naughty whereby he will run around the house for no reason and he loves to play hide and seek, but for now my immediate neighbor is taking care of Bobby since my miscarriage in December 2007. However he used to come over and my house is his place to hide from his current care taker. My maid hates Bobby so much as he used to mess things up like playing with the toilet paper and disturbing my maid from doing her chores. Now that he is not around we miss him sometimes.

Since the born of Mia Zara, G'ny has been neglected by us in terms of no more cuddling (just a gentle touch by us) and no more sleeping with me. She knew that I had a baby and she is kind of understand the situation. She will just go out from the house to find some birds and squirrel or even some friends. She likes to watch the birds chirping especially in the morning. Here at my house, plenty of stray cats and they are all waiting to be fed. I normally feed them in the morning and evening. G'ny on the other hand will be fed with the expensive cat food which can only be found at her vet or pet shops nearby.

I decided to scrap about Smeagol and G'ny as they have 5 kittens from their "marriage" (konon)
Four years ago, G'ny gave birth to 5 kittens and they are so adorable unfortunately all has been given away. Here is my take for the layout.

I used Colorbox ink for the stamping, some stickers and cat's theme paper. This is my second layout...Thanks for stopping by.:)