Tuesday, December 8, 2009

G'ny and Smeagol

I have so many cats before, but I have gave them away...previously I have Smeagol and he is so adorable but he is gone. At this moment I have G'ny at home and she always try to get near me every time she saw me. She is the only princess I have before I had Mia Zara, she used to sleep with me, I used to cuddle her and she is everything to me and then came Bobby. Bobby is a male cat and he is quite naughty whereby he will run around the house for no reason and he loves to play hide and seek, but for now my immediate neighbor is taking care of Bobby since my miscarriage in December 2007. However he used to come over and my house is his place to hide from his current care taker. My maid hates Bobby so much as he used to mess things up like playing with the toilet paper and disturbing my maid from doing her chores. Now that he is not around we miss him sometimes.

Since the born of Mia Zara, G'ny has been neglected by us in terms of no more cuddling (just a gentle touch by us) and no more sleeping with me. She knew that I had a baby and she is kind of understand the situation. She will just go out from the house to find some birds and squirrel or even some friends. She likes to watch the birds chirping especially in the morning. Here at my house, plenty of stray cats and they are all waiting to be fed. I normally feed them in the morning and evening. G'ny on the other hand will be fed with the expensive cat food which can only be found at her vet or pet shops nearby.

I decided to scrap about Smeagol and G'ny as they have 5 kittens from their "marriage" (konon)
Four years ago, G'ny gave birth to 5 kittens and they are so adorable unfortunately all has been given away. Here is my take for the layout.

I used Colorbox ink for the stamping, some stickers and cat's theme paper. This is my second layout...Thanks for stopping by.:)

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