Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cutter Bee Curvy Cutter

Did you notice the so not big circle behind those photos? in my previous entry on Sketch #97 - 1st met.

I used Curvy Cutter by Cutter Bee, this curvy cutter best use with their own glass mat and the curvy cutter cutting tool. It cuts big to small circle, dimension 12" x 12".

Cutter Bee Curvy Cutter Circle Template

Cutter Bee Glass Mat

Curvy Cutter Cutting Tool

Go grab one at your nearest Scrapbook stores or else shop online at EK Success.

Sketch #97 : 1st met

I decided to scrap based on the above sketch by Creative Scrappers - Sketch #97

I did the layout yesterday night after my munchkin off to sleep and it took me about one hour to finish the layout. It has been so long I did not scrap anything on 12" x 12" , lately I am concentrating on my mini albums which are still in progress. On this layout I used the Maya Road and Tattered Angel Mist. It was my first try, not bad...I also sand the two frames' (red and the black & white frame) to make it look different. Here is my take...

I scrapped about Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Izan and my baby when they first met at Prince Court Medical Centre. YAM Tengku Izan was so excited and happy and so as my princess. Thank you for your time and we look forward to meet you again.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Life Story Workshop by Wati Basri

I enjoyed my workshop at Papier Love last Sunday 28 March 2010 by Wati Basri. It was fun and we learned a lot of new techniques from her. Basically we did a mini album with a lot of creativity i.e embossing, stamping, painting and many more. Here is the group photo from the workshop...

picture courtesy from Wati Basri (thanks babe!)

On the other hand I bought myself a lot of pattern papers, embellishments and etc as well as this...
Sizzix Big Shot

I can't wait to use this machine, Rosa taught me how to use this when I was at her no?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Scrap-it-Lah March Challenge

I submit my old layout to Scrap-it-Lah March Challenge today, it is my old layout title "Mount Batur Bali". No intention of winning but just for fun. I think I should find a good time to scrap as I have not been scrapping for quite a while.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Inguinal Hernia Surgery

Hi Everyone
Last 2 weeks was a bad week for us, my baby had to go for inguinal hernia surgery on Friday 12 March 2010. Was running like mad parents the night of 11 March 2010 to ER of Selangor Medical Centre and ER of Prince Court Medical Centre. Both hospitals can't do the surgery for some reason.

Selangor Medical Centre: the attending doctor on the night of 11 March 2010 at around 8:30 pm refused to even checked my baby claiming that her hernia is serious and nothing he could do he said "just get her admitted and surgery will only be done on the 20 March 2010" Are you ****ing stupid asking us to checked in your hospital today and paying you everyday for the hospital charges and wait until the 20th??? for the surgery!!! Their reason was "our pediatric surgeon Dato' Dr Zakaria will only be available on Saturday and this coming Saturday he is not around next Saturday we can do the operation" after listening to their stupid explanation I quickly walked out and told my husband lets go to Prince Court.

Prince Court Medical Centre: the attending doctor that night in the ER (he is just a normal MO) Dr Kumar don't know what to do with my baby and he called Dr Anthony - Mia's pediatrician and he suggested us to go to Gleneagles Hospital Ampang for Dr Zuraidah or SJMC now known as Sime Darby Medical Centre for Dr Goon. Prince Court called both hospital for us and Dr Goon is available the next morning. Since the clock was at 1:00 am we decided to go home since my baby is sleepy and all of us are tired.

The next morning off we go to SJMC to see Dr Goon and after checking my baby he explained thoroughly about the situation, what is the next steps we should take, what is the "-" and "+", and so many questions has been answered by him. After our discussion he straight away booked the operation theater and arranged for the surgery at around 4:00 pm.

Her last food/water was at 10 am and she will be fasting a few hours before the surgery. Poor baby, crying every time she sees unknown people around her i.e: nurses, doctors and who ever that touched her. We checked in the room before noon and around 2:30 pm they wheeled us to the operation theater's lobby, later she was taken to the operation theater and I waved her from far and seeing her crying really heart wrenching for me. If you are a mother you should be able to understand my situation.

Since I have not perform my Zohor's prayer yet, I went to our room for solat and went up again waited for her at the waiting room and managed to do some readings (I am currently reading Dessert Royal by Jean Sasson) about almost and hour Dr Goon called me as the surgery was done and successful and explained to me the whole scenario. 10 minutes later I was called again by the nurses as she is crying (woke up already) and she seems alright and hungry.

She is now recovering very well and active as are some photos taken before and after the surgery. I think this will explain why I have not been scrapping for quite sometime and she is our priority at this moment.

at the operation theater lobby (before surgery)

the next morning after taking her bath (puffy eyes)

ready for my morning stroll...

few hours after surgery...she is all active

the next day at Delicious

with her new castle/toys

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A day with Rosa the "Slice Queen"

Yesterday was my slice class with Rosa at her place, I had a great day with her from 9:50 am until 7:10 pm (there is no teacher would allow me to stay this late ok, but she is just too good for me to say no) reason being because she wanted me to finish my mini album which is 8" x 8" and to go home with a clear picture on what to do next and also to go home with a "slice" of heart/different perception on my slice that I will say "I love my slice, I am going to make use of my slice, I will not take my slice for granted, I will not put my slice away or basically "please use my slice".

Besides the slice thing, she also teached me how to use big shot, stamping, technique on making flowers, paint technique and also shopping technique on where to get this and that items at at very cheaper price! Which store to go and so on...isn't that amazing!

I don't take so much picture because we are busy making the mini album and working on our gadgets! Here some picture from her room, I also have a scrapping room but not like her...she has everything, you named it! and a sneak peak of my unfinished mini album. Once I am done with this mini album I will definitely put it up on my blog!

To Rosa, thanks so much for your time, effort, hospitality and kindness. No words can describe how truly happy I am finally I have my own mini album, yeay!

If any of you interested to go for slice class with Rosa please drop her an e-mail at first mini album

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My 2nd Crop Party at Papier

Hi! Everyone, it has been a long time I did not update my blog...been pretty busy with my routine. Remember I mentioned about the Crop Party at Papier - yes I went to Papier last Sunday 7 March and I had so much fun and met new friends. I was seated with Mariam and Kak Ame (of course), Kak Ame introduced me to Mariam and she is so nice and we chatted like that rooms are just for us, like nobody business...

I won the tag challenge, I created the tag for Kak Ame and yes you are right "your name bring me luck", Kak Ame won the first challenge and our dear Mariam won the best dress (Mariam babe, I love your cardigan and skirt).

As usual our teacher on that day was Teacher Jessy, I just love her - she is so helpful and full of ideas!

Yours truly did not bring a camera on that day and photos' below was taken from Kak Ame and Papier's blog. Enjoy!

group photo

my name tag made by Kak Ame in less than 10 minutes

Mariam (left/green cardigan), yours truly and Mariam's princess

all the name tags made by us, I made for Kak Ame (ame)

first card challenge on the left with the red flower is my card,
the one with the butterfly is Kak Ame (she won this challenge)

second challenge, far left with the fur pink ribbons is mine...

I can't wait for my slice class with Rosa tomorrow 10 March and my next scrapping class with Wati Basri on the 28 March 2010.

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


What is it in the bag?

Crop Party at Papier

Papier will be hosting a crop party again and this time the theme is spring/flowers and we will be making cards not layouts. Please go here for more details.

I have also booked my place for the Wati Basri's workshop that will take place on Sunday, 28 March 2010 at Papier, The Curve.

See you there!


This layout was created during the Valentine's day last month February. It was Sunday and my baby was sleeping, I went straight to my scrapping room and it took me less than 30 minutes to finish this layout.

This picture was taken when my mother was waiting for her 2nd major operation, she suffered from cancer and passed away on 31st December 2008. Is your mother still around? Appreciate her, listen to her, show her that you love her more than anything because when she is gone you will feel the great emptiness and it is just like everything is gone. It won't be the same anymore!
Trust me.

Crying baby

You still look beautiful even when you are pouting...this sweet baby girl of mine is continuous entertainment.

Happy Birthday

I did this layout last month, a lot of photos taken during her birthday but I picked these photos. Enjoy and thanks for dropping by!

MZ & Daddy

She is so attached with her daddy, sometimes she even woke up at the wee hour and looking for her daddy - which at this moment she calls "dada" may be she is not able to pronounce the "dy" sound yet. Above is just a layout of my munchkin with her daddy.
*please ignore the quality of the photos...not good this time.