Thursday, March 11, 2010

A day with Rosa the "Slice Queen"

Yesterday was my slice class with Rosa at her place, I had a great day with her from 9:50 am until 7:10 pm (there is no teacher would allow me to stay this late ok, but she is just too good for me to say no) reason being because she wanted me to finish my mini album which is 8" x 8" and to go home with a clear picture on what to do next and also to go home with a "slice" of heart/different perception on my slice that I will say "I love my slice, I am going to make use of my slice, I will not take my slice for granted, I will not put my slice away or basically "please use my slice".

Besides the slice thing, she also teached me how to use big shot, stamping, technique on making flowers, paint technique and also shopping technique on where to get this and that items at at very cheaper price! Which store to go and so on...isn't that amazing!

I don't take so much picture because we are busy making the mini album and working on our gadgets! Here some picture from her room, I also have a scrapping room but not like her...she has everything, you named it! and a sneak peak of my unfinished mini album. Once I am done with this mini album I will definitely put it up on my blog!

To Rosa, thanks so much for your time, effort, hospitality and kindness. No words can describe how truly happy I am finally I have my own mini album, yeay!

If any of you interested to go for slice class with Rosa please drop her an e-mail at first mini album


  1. hehehe kak rosa memang best. I remember my class with her. "be one with your slice" I baru bermain ngan my slice just now.

    great that you enjoyed yourself but fuhhh lama tu lol. bestnya craft room dia!

    nanti I nak gi jumpa dia..entah bila la tu

  2. Hi Yuz!!
    Finally I am leaving a comment. Sounds like you had a really good time at the Slice class. I've yet to see the actual machine and wonders what it's like. Anyway, hope to see your finished album soon!!!


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