Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My 2nd Crop Party at Papier

Hi! Everyone, it has been a long time I did not update my blog...been pretty busy with my routine. Remember I mentioned about the Crop Party at Papier - yes I went to Papier last Sunday 7 March and I had so much fun and met new friends. I was seated with Mariam and Kak Ame (of course), Kak Ame introduced me to Mariam and she is so nice and we chatted like that rooms are just for us, like nobody business...

I won the tag challenge, I created the tag for Kak Ame and yes you are right "your name bring me luck", Kak Ame won the first challenge and our dear Mariam won the best dress (Mariam babe, I love your cardigan and skirt).

As usual our teacher on that day was Teacher Jessy, I just love her - she is so helpful and full of ideas!

Yours truly did not bring a camera on that day and photos' below was taken from Kak Ame and Papier's blog. Enjoy!

group photo

my name tag made by Kak Ame in less than 10 minutes

Mariam (left/green cardigan), yours truly and Mariam's princess

all the name tags made by us, I made for Kak Ame (ame)

first card challenge on the left with the red flower is my card,
the one with the butterfly is Kak Ame (she won this challenge)

second challenge, far left with the fur pink ribbons is mine...

I can't wait for my slice class with Rosa tomorrow 10 March and my next scrapping class with Wati Basri on the 28 March 2010.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. It was really great meeting you on sunday I really enjoyed myself, fun sangat. lol

    nanti update eh your slice class. I nak sangat pergi but timing off sangat march ni.

    take care Yuz.

  2. Thanks Mariam, me too really enjoyed your company plus your princess yang pendiam tu...
    Nanti I update about the slice class ok, you too take care. Hugs, yuz

  3. Hellooooo gurls!! hehehe..cant talk much bout slice..:( budget is too steep this month!! hahaha..lol. Makcik nak holiday dulu u!! dekat2 ajerrr tapi angkut satu family!! atok nenek, pak ngah, mak ngah, pak lang, pak su..maksu..hah semua cukup!! kekeke. Anyway i had fun too that day..so much fun!! cant wait to c u guys again..insyallah okay..:)

  4. Kak Ame, enjoy your holiday and take care.
    See you soon!

  5. oh wow..look like a lot of fun!! Mariam is such a sweet lady :) see you soon dearie!


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