Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Singer 7465

Singer Confidence 7465 (google images)

I managed to get this sewing machine for my scrapping purposes and also to sew whatever I want. I wanted to buy the 2nd hand sewing machine but changed my mind after I have tried to sew on this machine...brilliant machine I should say. First I wanted to get Electrolux brand since they have a warehouse sale last week but after many feedback and since Electrolux is not specialized in sewing machine I opted to this normal brand - Singer. I get a lot of freebies and of course free classes - anytime I can come and join them. Since I don't have a proper sewing machine table, my father is kind enough to get the cast iron sewing machine table for me and it will be painted in white, so I can use that as my sewing machine table.

Something like this...

google images

I went to this website for the below info.

Singer Confidence 7465 sewing machine

The Singer 7465 sewing machine will inspire confidence, its a fully electronic sewing machine. It has a full range of utility, decorative, quilting, heirloom, and stretch stitches. Each stitch is electronically formed and optimally set, which means every stitch is sewn with exact precision.

You can even do free motion work with its drop feed feature. The Singer 7465 also threads quickly and easily with its 6-Second Threading System. And with Pushbutton Stitch Selection, even selecting a stitch is a snap.

Modern and stylish
, for a bright modern look, with easy to follow stitch selection and adjustments for width and length of stitch. Stitch width is adjustable upto 7mm wide, touch the button to reverse, also the built-in needle threader is easy accessible thanks to the angular front cover making the needle bar area, clearly visible, while stitching.

Singer have deigned the Singer 7465 with simplicity in mind, threading is a breeze, lay the thread in the groove, auto needle threader, top drop in spool, auto button holes, touch a button, and bring the desired stitch, then away you go....

  • 7mm maximum stitch width.

  • 'Auto' thread tension setting

  • Two automatic one step button holes

  • 50 stitches including 9 utility

  • 6 Most used stitch are a touch away

  • LED display.

  • Thread cutter.

  • Built-in accessory storage.

  • Top drop-in bobbin for easy of use and smooth running

  • Touch-button reverse

  • Twin needle option

  • Glare free sewing light.

  • Snap on presser feet.

  • High presser foot lift.

  • Light weight with built in carrying handle

  • Horizontal thread holder for smooth thread flow without jumping or snagging

  • Electronic speed control
  • Weight 7.5kg.

There are a lot of features built into this machine but don't be put off by the specification, it's built-in features make your sewing jobs effort free...


  1. cool new toy :) have fun...

  2. Hi there!! OoOO I love the table! memang I suka sangat! Back in Malaysia, I purchase this Sowing table that I changed to be my tea table! hehe!

  3. Hi Nana, thanks for dropping by...

  4. hi there! thanks commenting my blog the other day.

    i see you are one talented lady!


  5. Yuzz, i'm looking for a sewing machine too. This works good on paper? User friendly or lengthy instruction brochure?

    How much aaa?
    Nak kumpul dana..hehehe


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