Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tiger Bobby and Princess G'ny

Tiger Bobby

Just sharing, here are the latest photos of our fur kid at home...he won an award in 2005 for the best long fur cat in the International Cat Show. Now he is so spoiled, sleeping most of the time and looking at birds and squirrels in the afternoon. He will only eat foods that we bought from the vet, no cheap foods please! Bobby was a gift from my hubby in 2003, he was so small when I first met him. Time flies...

Princess G'ny

G'ny was a gift from my good friend, I got her in year 2001 and she is so attached to me. We lost G'ny somewhere in March this year, and we believed she has been kidnapped. My other neighbours lost her 3 persian as well. I guess the culprit only eyed on those pretty and nice cats in the neighbourhood. Poor G'ny, we don't know where you are now...

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  1. comellllll giler ok.... gerammmmm tgk! :) esp yg bobby tu... kesian g'ny.... i love love cats so i knw the feeling....


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