Monday, February 14, 2011

true love

Happy Valentine's day to everyone and I am back after missing for a couple of days. I am so happy yesterday as I managed to finish my first ever acrylic album which has been pending for almost three months. The problem is, every time I am done with one page I will put the album aside and will only touch it a couple of weeks later and so on and that is why it took me so long to finish the album. This album should be my last project for 2010 but I can't make it due to...I don't know??? However I am jumping happily yesterday as I am so happy with the outcome.

All the photos in this album mainly our candid photos and I have no time to develop the latest photos. But that's ok, there will always be next time and there will always be tomorrow. (Insyaallah). Each pages has a clear plastic sheet which I sewn the edges. I am so happy now I am sharing with you all the photos that I took yesterday night. Here presenting my latest creation for February 2011 and my first ever acrylic album title "true love". (please note that there will be plenty of photos to see at the bottom)

my album cover: I painted the 2nd page with Banana Turquoise from Americana that is how I get the base of this album in turquoise colour and embellished the front cover to desire...which has Webster's Pages flowers, some strip of punchanella, swirls, heart and wings chipboard which I cut using my new Cuttlebug, key, lace, door knob and whatever you can see...

I put peacock feathers and it is kind of blends together with the Webster's Pages flowers and the rest.
(can you see the plastic sheet on this front cover?)

for me it is "over the top" look, but I kind of like it!

My trademark for my albums - added some spools, 7Gypsies handle which I embossed using turquoise colour and coincidentally matched with the front cover and embellished the side with yarns, ribbons, lace, muslin cloth and etc. Thanks to my swap buddies for all the yarns and ribbons.

love this Webster's Pages flowers and the peacock feathers

you can see one of the pages, I attached some old Kodak films rolls

Page 2: bird cage painted in white/pearl colours and I put some dangling beads

Page 2: I used my vintage typewriter and type those journal and some words and can you see next to the Webster's Pages patterned paper I painted another yellow colour on top of the turquoise

Page 2: Webster's Pages patterned paper on the right side, some bird cage and body form from the Hambly sheets, can you spot the tailor measuring tape (I love using that tape to embellish my layouts or albums)

Page 2: top of 2nd page

Page 3: punched some holes and weaved in the netting material at the top part. (can you see the plastic sheet on top of this page and look at the edges....some pink swirls stitching)

Page 3: top of this page

Page 4: top of this page

Page 5: plastic sheet with blue stitching

Page 5: I put some Kodak films rolls

Page 5: Candid photos of Mia Zara eating Haagen Dazs after playing in the swimming pool

Page 6

Page 7 (a bit blur..)

Page 8

Page 9: Painted the last page (page 10) with black paint and the effect is at Page 9, in this page I just pasted bits and pieces of ribbons that I have and put the stirrer on this page. Thanks to Lynnda for the ribbon flower.

the last cover (page 10): I painted black colour base of this page, put some Jo Sonja's crackle medium after dry I painted red on top and it immediately cracked. I just love the effect and pasted the old black record on this page. Handmade sign at the bottom.

I think this is the most "OTT" album so far that I did and I just love this album as I have used a lot of techniques, colours and I put a lot of notions as well. What do you think? Not your taste? but it is mine! Thanks for looking and have a great week ahead!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

don't say a word by Jaz Lee

The news came like a couple of weeks ago...followed by comments on Facebook, e-mails, phone calls and meet up recently.

Thank you to Jazz for sharing this with me and thank you again for scrapping this photo of mine what a great opportunity to have my photo scrapped by a three years in a row Webster's Pages DT - Jaz Lee! I can't wait to touch this layout, all mine by May.

For more details click here, here and join inspireME now! Thank you for looking.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back from the swap

Back from the swap session and these are all from those gorgeous ladies...thank you so much and I love all of them.

Sharing with all of you:

mini album from Amelia

again mini album from Amelia

altered note book from Amelia

fabric mini album from Liza

my new sewing pouch from Liza again (side view with my name)

another size view with big button (I like this button)

the look from inside of the sewing pouch

some yarn and fibers

silver tin to be altered, some blooms from Liza, handmade pins by Amelia, clear stamp and vintage lock

another sets of tins to be altered

I am one happy bunny! Thank you for dropping by! We are planning for another swap to come...I am sure the coming one will be more interesting. Have a good week ahead.


Managed to do 12 ATCs last week and I enjoyed the process...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My altered book aka JOURNAL

I have started doing an altered book with the help of Altered Book Club. I joined this club last month and thanks to Elizabeth for all the e-mails, guidance and help. I have scribbled some of my pages, painted, scrap, punched, gesso, pasted, draw and all the techniques that I can remembered. I kind of like it but not gonna show you all the pages.

I remembered Elizabeth told me not to mess with your book covered until you have finished the whole altered book. For 2011 I think I will be using 2 or 3 thick old books to make my journal. For altered book you must use book that has thread bind not glue bind.

the first page of my journal

some of the pages, but as for now all these pages are full with embellishments, journals and whatever notions that I can add...

Here I am sharing with you the first page which I used texture paste to get the nice raisin effect and I colored randomly. I am not good in painting and mixing colours but who cares this is an art and I just love it. Lucky I have 70 over of Jo Sonja's acrylic tubes to choose from and not to forget my other acrylic paints too. Can't have enough and thanks to Kak Liza for the inspiration on texture paste and my fellow swap buddies for sharing an ideas every time we meet up.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fabric mini albums for a swap

I did 4 minis altogether: 3 for my swap buddies and 1 for me to keep

I stamped my name on a piece of paper and slide it next to the flower

the back of the albums

I did these fabric mini albums for my swap buddies and I am so glad that everyone are happy.

I used all my imported fabrics for these albums, mainly all cotton fabrics and for the side of the albums: I used the brown jute and tied it all up around the wooden spools and attached them to the albums with some yarn, ribbons, blue beads and gold beads.

At the back page, I glued and sewed the red beads to give some sparkle. For all the pages it is consist of handmade pins, flowers, some laces if I am not mistaken and it also have canvas pages which is sewn to the fabrics.

I am looking forward for more more swap to come.