Monday, April 12, 2010

Sketch 181 by Pencil Lines

Zara loves to play drum at home but not the piano...he is amazed every time he saw her daddy played those instruments at home. That is where she picked her skills I guess, tapping the hihat with her little feet and searching for the sticks to beat the drum but no interest at all to my big giant black piano at home. No matter how many times I played the piano for her she will just keep doing her own things like sitting on her swing or in her small house or little castle which daddy's got for her...I want her to be able to play piano but looks like she has no interest. We will see soon she might change her mind...

My next layout is all about her playing the drum, for Sketch 181 at Pencil Lines below...

I interpreted the sketch on my own way and here is my take...


  1. Oh wow!! You have been a busy bee & u r such a fast scrapper. I can't keep up LOL!! Love this layout. That music sheet is such a great addition to this layout. Great way to scrap bout ur DD's music interest at this age :)

  2. Hye dear, love-love your works. I wonder if I have the time to do the scrap work. I totally in love with artwork and will try to get started when I'm back to Malaysia in July (Just for personal use). I have linked ur blog too :)


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