Thursday, February 18, 2010

True Stories

I am a true fan of Sohier Khashoggi in fact I have all her books collection, her books are truly inspiring and it is true stories. I love true stories compared to fiction.

Recently I had a chance to go to this MPH Bookstore fest somewhere in town and I managed to grab a number of books like Do They Hear You When You Cry by Fauziya Kassindja, Desert Royal by Jean Sasson, Behind Closed Doors by Jenny Tomlin, Pack of 3 books comes in a box: Real Life Real Drama Sold by Tess Stevens, Runaway by Skye Sinclair and Scarred by Sophie Andrews. I haven't had the chance to read those books, I will one day! Busy la...

I have also read Beautiful Girl by Torey Hayden and it was an amazing true story, I cried when she was treated like a slave by her own flesh and blood/mother. What a pity girl!
Go to your nearest bookstore and get one, you won't regret!

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  1. olla....saw your blog from Amelia's...hope u don't mind me peek-a-boo here...i'm a book lover myself, so i just love to see one too...yeah true story indeed inspiring to oneself...don't deny that...xxoo


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