Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crop Party at Papier

I haven't had the time to update my blog lately...been busy with my princess and other things.

This time the entry is about the Crop Party organized by Papier recently. I was invited for a Crop Party at Papier, The Curve last month on 31 January 2010, and I have a lot of funs meeting new friends/scrappers and as well as enjoying myself. Before that I have a hard time packing my things for the Crop Party, well I have never been to one and this is my first time cropping with a bunch of senior scrappers...

The warming up challenge is 20 minutes and you have to do the name tag for the person sitting on your left and yours truly did for Kak Ame and I won this challenge.

The 1st challenge is to create a layout "scrap the music" the tittle must be from a song lyrics so I did mine "my baby u" turn out ok. You can spot my layout below.

The 2nd challenge, you was given a list of like 15 items and you can only use 6 items from the list, and this one is challenging - however I managed to came out with quite a beautiful layout I should say...title "mia". You can spot my layout is round pattern paper with a lot of layering...

Overall I enjoyed this Crop Party and I won 2 challenges' and thanks to Teacher Jessy and Papier for organising the crop party...enjoy the pictures below taken from Papier blog.

yours truly working...

the other scrappers working hard...

tag challenge...I did the one in pink ball "ame"

on my left is Kak Ame (I did her tag)

scrap the music...

other scrappers...

kak liza won the challenge : scrap the music

some of the completed layouts done by others

layouts done by others

sample of 2nd challenge...beautiful layouts!

yours truly won the best tag challenge

yours truly won the 2nd challenge

all of us at the Crop Party


  1. Of course u win..ur a talented gal!! Eeeerr the rest r senior scrapper but i've just started 3 mths ago dear...hehehe *lol*. Malu nak ngaku senior cos to date i only hv less than 10 lo's. Kesian kan. But it was nice meeting u n d feeling is mutual..:)

  2. Glad u enjoyed the crop & hope to see you in future crops. Congrats again on ur winning!!

  3. Thanks Kak Ame and JC for the comments, you guys rock! I hope I will be able to attend future crop party...


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