Monday, January 17, 2011

Soft drink crate

I have not been updating my blog lately and no scrapping done last weekend. Instead I am busy spending my quality time with the family. My other half on the other hand is so helpful and interested in my ATCs...he helped a lot...he even asked "do you want more paint?" (awesome isn't it)

I have also managed to tidy up my scrap room which has been abandoned and the maid is kind enough to wipe all the dust on the table, bottles and everywhere...clean as always.

I have also working on something which is this...I transformed this soft drink crate from this look...


to this


I painted the box and my husband helped me by randomly sprayed the white paint and it doesn't covers perfectly, as you can see in some area there are still wood colours...(as I want to keep that vintage look just a bit)

I store all my mists', acrylic paints', alcohol inks', dimensional pearls', stickles' and I have more colours not only these...oh..I need another crate I think.

I randomly put everything in, just to take photo

here I wrongly store the mist which is upside down...later I put it correctly so that it won't spill

Do you like this? no? Just sharing with you this is how it looks like "how I store some of my favourite things"...

On top of I received 5 parcels, ATCs and some yummy goodies from a good friend...just love all of them.

Thank you for looking.


  1. That's one great upcycled crate! :) All soft drinks come in cans now and not that crate is a great find!:)

  2. This is just so cool.. Love the altered crate.. !!!

  3. What a great find Yuz... you did so well with the upcycling... love it...xoxo

  4. Tfs beb. Such a brilliant me a crate!!! Lol..:)) ok next mth we'll go hunting again yeah. Hey do share on ur typewriter project. Did the ribbon work?

  5. hi YUz! i totally love those crates and they're not so easy to come by anymore since it's all mostly plastic now! love what you did and recycling is the way to go :D

  6. Loving your recycled crate. Such a great way to store your mediums. And how fab of your hubby to help you paint it.

  7. Gosh Yuzz I love the crate so much! I want one or two lol!

    love what you did to it

  8. Yes, I love it too...thanks ladies and I think the 2nd crate is on the way...

  9. Wow, you manage to get so many crates eh! Good for organization :)

  10. neat idea dear....but we can't get those crate in SG :(

  11. WOW!!!!
    i wish i could own all those ink!!!

  12. Oh wow! I would love to find one of these. What a great idea too.

    Thank you for the lovely blog comment :)

  13. Awesome alteration!!!
    BTW, thanks to you I now know that F&N stands for Fraser & Neave... ;D

  14. Thank you all, I had so much fun doing this...cant have enough and I am looking for more crate.

  15. I wonder where you have this ?
    Thought want to keep one for my collection :)

  16. OMG! you've gotta get me one of these!


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