Monday, January 17, 2011

Hero Arts 2011 Catalog

I have printed this catalog like 3 copies, the first two was printed wrongly but you can still see everything. It is just the upside down thingy or how should I describe...the first page facing you and the second page upside down. I don't want to throw them but instead giving it for free to you, if you are interested to have the copy F.O.C. leave me a comment.

Please note that I printed the catalog in colour! not black and white.


  1. Ok i'm the first to leave a comment. Do i get it foc? Lol..:))

  2. You said two were wrong, so if someone hasn't already beaten me to it, I'd love anything you've done!

  3. Hello! Alex

    It is not a thing that I do but a brochure, let me know if you are still interested and I will mail it to you.


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