Friday, March 25, 2011

Metal Art ATCs

After attending the metal art class by Catherine last two weeks, I immediately get hooked to do metal art. Since I have a few rolls of colored foils in my studio, I quickly grabbed them and started working. For this month ATC swap with Liza and Amelia, we have a theme - to create metal ATCs.

I did a couple from the metal tape and also from the colored foils. The techniques I used included rub and buff, sand, stamp, and some embossing. You can try, it is fun and the technique and way of doing this metal art is endless, it is totally up to your imagination and this time my technique are quite simple, very easy and straight forward. Sharing some ATCs I did last week using colored foils.

To the rest of my ATCs swap partners, my apologies these metal ATCs are not included in your swap. I have put aside a different type of ATCs for you guys, if you want one of the above - next swap perhaps ;)

Thank you for the lovely comments I have received in my previous post and thanks a bunch for dropping by. Hugs


  1. Wowie ! am looking forward to receive them, I love them especially the one with the music notes.. May I ?

  2. of course KL, you can have that one.

  3. woohooo these are fantabulously made...!! your hands are magic!!...hugs...xoxo

  4. wow..those are very interesting lookng atcs!! luckcy swap partners u hav there! :)

  5. I am glad I found this metal artwork online. Thank you for sharing. I must say that those are pretty interesting atcs...


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