Friday, March 25, 2011

Another sneak peek...

To get your layout done in a jiffy, just put whatever you can grab and have fun. That is what I did this morning before I am off from the house. While waiting for my other half to get ready I did the above, I only have to add title and may be a few embellishments later on.

Thank you for looking. Hugs


  1. Hi Yuzz, I am amazed that you could actually come up with this while waiting. Can't wait to see the full post about it. Take care, dear =)

  2. Sabrina, I just teared all the p/papers, glue-glue, put paint here sikit2 and done...cepat..less than 20 minutes and I timed my work this morning..LOL

  3. Crate my frate!!! cant wait to see...oh my... you love to keep me in suspense eh....hugs...xoxo


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