Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cotton Fabrics

I love cotton fabrics and been getting a lot lately...below are those fabrics that I mentioned in my previous entry , these fabrics are 100% cotton. I would also like to thanks Amelia as she has shared with us on her entry about crochet flowers. I found out from her blog that her friend is selling the crochet flowers, I have been meaning to do this crochet flowers for many many months but I am so lazy to knit and I almost bought a whole lot of crochet threads recently.

Last month our family did some spring clean over at our late mother's house and I found a lot of vintage things. Like old knitted table cloth, old photos (I have re-developed some) and the original are in my safe keeping, I purchased 4R acid free album, some old fabrics and many many more things! I collected all and I am so happy with my findings.

Now I am looking for someone that can teach me how to tat! My late mother learn how to tat in her early teens and poor thing I didn't get to learn from her. You know when someone is sick they tends to forget a lot of things...

Enjoy the picture of my fabrics, taken using my iPhone - hence the photo quality is not that good. In reality the colour are so bright and vibrant.

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  1. OMG!!! Beb..u nak bukak kedai ker?? That is a lot..hehehe. Tapi..seriously cantek!! If ada lebih2 pieces tak pakai jual kat i yea..hahaha..:))


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