Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More more ATCs

Hello! All, been missing for many weeks as I have been busy spending time with families and relaxing without doing any scrapping except making ATCs. I am just happy as my mojo for ATCs are just pouring like water immediately after I came back from Liza's class on altered box for ATCs over at Papier last month.

I am happy that my swap group for ATCs has been growing not big but just ok and enough for us to gather once in a while catching up over lunch, chatting while swapping ATCs. It is so fun, as we do not see each other every week but at least once in a month. To all my swap buddies, you know who you are and your ATCs never fails to put a big smile to my face every time I look at them.  I learned a lot of techniques along the way and every single ATCs is unique in its own way and it is always a "limited edition" one of a kind...hence grab fast!

On top of that, I have not scrapped a layouts regularly nowadays as my mojo for 12 x 12 are just gone for an early Christmas I guess. Managed to do about 2 layouts with a very minimal mojo in my head!  but that have to wait until I have the time to share.  Here I am sharing with you some of my ATCs so far...

It has a few groups...the divas group, the punchanella group, the birdies group, the secret/vintage diaries group, the body forms group, the seam bindings group, the colored metal group and the misc. group.  I love all of the ATCs...

the dress form
*these one are very easy to do just a stamping and I sew a little piece of tulle to form a black netting dress added some white beads and I sew the edges of the ATCs with sewing machine using pieces of left over materials.  Only one of the ATCs are different without a dress but a vintage button pasted on it.

the punchinella
*these I used texture paste and punchinella as a stencil and I coloured the ATCs using Inka Gold, Donna Downey and some rub and buff colours.

the seam binding
*I did these yesterday night while watching "Jack and the Neverland Pirate" with my girl, basically just a pieces of scrap papers, buttons, laces, flowers and seam bindings...look like a tag but a small version tags.

the divas
*those vintage photo I got it from the "darkroom door" and I cutted them nicely using my vintage photo cutter and added some laces, colours, old book papers, Inka Gold colours and I sew them using my sewing machine and you can see my black zig zag thread and I added title on every Diva...example Miss World, Miss Vain, Miss Sissy, Miss Photogenic and so on...

the coloured foils 
*these are after Liza's inspiration and those are embossed using Ten Seconds Studio's dies. Easy peasy....

the misc
*these are a mixture of everything and very easy to do but look great in real life as most of it has textures...

the birdie
*these birds are done using a flower petals and the bird is from the new Sizzix dies and some stamping on the backgground and added some Donna Downey colours to the feathers.

*the secret/vintage diaries and copper foil
*I had so much fun doing these ATCs as it is totally vintage and I basically used the copper foil and hammered all the alphabets one by one to form a word or sentiments. As for the bird feathers, I used Melissa Frances flakes and it is kind of white/transparent in you can't really see the feathers.

Ok thats all for now, got to go and the weekend is almost here and thanks for all your comments on my previous post, happy crafting and see you in my next post.  Toodles!


  1. OMG yuzz these ATC are TDF... cop cop cop the metal! Canteknye.. I know've that 'goldsmith' touch. Fabulous ATCs :))

  2. many gorgeous piece of atc's!! I want em all!!! lol..but i only have one collection to swap! Been xtremely busy nowadays!

  3. Wow your ATCs are beautiful!! So many variations..absolutely wonderful:)

  4. OMG Yuzz! These are so so gorgeous! I'm running out of ATCs to swap with you..! Can't I just reserve one from each group? Woweee.. Superb la you!
    So carefully and meticulously done I can see that.....not to mention the patience..these are must haves! I nakkkk.....( serious ok!) gonna make mine quick...

  5. Wow!!!!!! so many lovely ATCs!! Your mojo is certainly out in full force! :) Very inspirational!

  6. Oh my... Gosh.. You are amazing!! Those ATCs are simply Gorgeous....You rocked them babe... hugs..xoxo

  7. OMG OMG OMG Yuzz these ATCs are sooo awesome! I'm speechless! You're really bursting with mojo my friend! Let's plan a swap session this month... I think Jaime has done a bunch of ATCs too :D

  8. WOWWWWWWWW! those ATC are just gorgeous and cute laaaaa!!!! great job dearie!

  9. WOW Yuzz these are all just so gorgeous! You are so clever!! My favourite are the dressform ones - I can see how they could be very addictive :)

  10. Oh wow! These are amazing! Love the colours and textures. I find ATCs really tough because they are so small.

  11. love your atcs, darl!! nice.. esp the metal ones!

  12. Hi Yuzz!! Wowww that's A LOT!! Gorgeous ATCs!! My favs are the seam binding and the divas hehe!! Hope you have a good week so far, dear! Thank you so much for your kind words at my blog :) Take care. xoxo.

  13. You have been a busy bees with the ATCs and you totally rock all of them!! They are so arty :)

  14. yea... you're busy like jessy said, WOW all that ATC's want them all :)

  15. You have been a busy bee with your ATC cards!!! They are wonderful1!!!!

  16. Thank you so much for visiting my blog (and the lovely compliment on my engagement ring!) I went to check out your blog and low and behold you have a post about one of my favorite things!... ATC's! I am a complete sucker for these little mini pieces of art and you have inspired me to pull 'em out and give them the love they deserve!

  17. Hort beauties here Yuzz!!! Lucky friends who are going to receive them....;) -jaz

  18. Que maravilhoso olhar seus trabalhos!
    Beijos do Brazil.

  19. WOW!!
    Wonderful ATCs!!!!!
    Simply fantastic!!

  20. Hey Sweets! Love love love these ATC' awesome!
    xoxo Cari


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