Thursday, December 30, 2010

The altered black vintage record album layout

Remember on this entry? It was a colourful layout from the vintage record album cover and here presenting a layout from the vintage black record album....

I used a candid photo of my girl under the sunshine, hence there is some lightning on her head in this photo.

coloured those notes, just to relate this layout to the vintage black record album. (after all she is the music in my heart)

those three words are from my Studio Calico Kit and I glued them on a chipboard, chipboard glued on a muslin cloth and raised using chipboard again to create dimension.

"always my sunshine"

trying to keep it simple as I can by not putting so many embellishments, however I can't help myself. This is my very first time using black vintage record album and I hope I can create more in the future. Thank you for looking and Happy Holiday!


  1. Lovely one!! :). Love the musical bar at the top n bottom.. and love that peacock feather..

    Your girl is just beautiful :)

  2. WOW girlie...its jawdropping!!! so clever of you.... your daughter is darling.... absolutely stunning altered art... you're genius!!! this from the vintage hunt with Amelia...LOL...good one Yuz...xoxo

  3. Hello! Annie
    Thanks for the lovely comment.

    Hi! Sis'
    you can do one as well, try and share with all of us. This is not from the vintage hunt with Amelia this black record is mine, I have a few in my drawer. Thanks again! Hugs, Yuzz

  4. thats really interesting... looks presentable as well.

  5. Waaahhhh sgt cantek irl!!! Yuppp love touching the feathers n u did a fab job!!! :))

  6. Wow. This is beautiful. I'm just not starting out with scrapbooking and the like, and you are an inspiration.


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