Saturday, January 9, 2010

The bad Sales Assisstant at Bimba Lola

It was Friday and Estella wanted to go to Mid Valley for a lunch and off we went during our lunch hour to Gardens instead. We had our lunch at Flying Chillies and after finishing our big lunch I wanted to check on shoes and few other things at Bimba Lola and Longchamp.

First we checked on Bimba Lola. FYI, I wasn't greeted by the sales man when we entered the shop, it is not a big deal I don't mind. I have tried a few bangles and it doesn't fit me nicely "tak terletak" I am so small...sigh. Since, today is Izan's birthday so I thought of buying the bangle for her after all it is on 30% discount. Estella and I, asked the sales man about the price for a few of their handbags and purse as there was no price tag and he answered us with an attitude. With no smile he went to the cashier counter, took a calculator and calculate the price and told us the price with no smiling face. I got it...I know, he must be thinking "are you guys buying? or else get lost" it is clear cut that I could feel and I know what he is thinking as if that I can read his mind. Without purchasing anything I decided to go off by saying "thank you" (at least I have a courtesy to say that).

My point is why do you have to show your sour face and behave like a devil when you have a customer?

At first I nak beli, last last I tak jadi nak beli. The sales man really spoilt my shopping mood!

Have you ever experienced this before?

By the way, I have called Bimba Lola Pavilion and their Head Office and OMG, their personnel are so bad in English. Back to school please!!!

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  1. I feel for you gal...the service standards aren't that much better here. I wouldn't buy from him either....they say you pay peanuts, you get monkeys...(lol)

    Have a great week ahead!


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