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Danniella Westbrook, the other side of nowhere

The Other Side of Nowhere is a fantastic read and one of the must-read books around. I have purchased this book for over a year now and have been reading this twice. Again and again...

This is not you're typical celebrity biography, full of plastic gossip and self serving fiction to try and win readers sympathy. Danniella Westbrook has managed to pour real emotion, painful heartbreak and brutal honesty onto every page. The result is Danniella manages to take the reader through a journey of the extreme highs of well earned fame & success to the rock-bottom lows of a life destroyed by addiction.

I'm around the same age as Danniella and previously saw her as a great looking girl with fame that let temptation take her down. I now see her as a brave, amazing and complex person who lived a private hell as she tried to hide her addiction and cling onto success. (I still think she's really good looking!)

Danniella saw addiction take away her career, family, friends, wealth, personality and dignity. From the brink of almost total self destruction, she realised addiction would soon take away one last thing. Her life.

She had to fight her addiction right away and she was so ill, she had to win. A close and loving family means everything when you're in this situation. Fame, money, private clubs, red carpet events, free champagne, loads of fans and even the drug scene appeals to so many young people. The Other Side of Nowhere is the inside story into how easily the party scene can become a danger to the addictive personality.

This book takes on the difficult task of showing you how a talented but normal girl can catapult to fame, popularity, wealth & the celeb lifestyle. Then use fame, popularity, wealth & the celeb lifestyle to slowly destroy everything and everyone that matters.

This story should be read by young successful people, like investment bankers, professional sportsmen/women, actors etc. If you're a thrill seekers, risk taker, an 'It' girl/boy or an addictive personality type, you'll identify with Danniella's story.

It's a great read, a sad read, a happy read and an educational read. It makes you think and leaves you feeling positive afterwards.

I give it the full 5 stars and recommend it to everyone. Share with me what are you currently reading?


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