Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2nd canvas project

This canvas project was done after I did my 7 layouts of 12 x 12. My mission over last weekend is to create 10 layouts of 12 x 12. However, I managed to do 7 layouts and 3 canvas project (the 3rd one is still in progress). Here is my 2nd canvas project, inspired by Donna Downey...

First, I have stitched the word "Happiness" nicely with black thread but the two ss can't be seen when I sealed the round wood thing. Hence, I cut the word "Happiness" and pasted the above word. I wanted to put the word "Reminiscence" but I accidentally put "Reminisce". This is my first time using this round wood thing, perhaps the next one will turn to be much better. Can you see my handmade flowers (inspired by Sharon) thanks Sharon! I even used the left over green ribbons gave by Sharon and the leaves was made by my Singer sewing machine! I did the leaves and the grass, I don't have dark green thread so I used the lighter green thread - looks odd tho but whatever it is...I love the picture!

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