Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st canvas project

Remember on my previous entry "Little sneak peek". I have been wanting to do this since the very beginning of my scrapping...hence I explore through the internet and here are my first ATC using canvas. I have been putting this project on hold for so many weeks, finally last week I finished it up and pasted whatever I can think off. At first I don't want to put any photo on the ATC but at last I gave in and pasted Zara's picture here and there but not to all the ATC.

Just for your information if you don't know what is/are ATC? ATC refers to Artists Trading Cards, at one time, they were miniature paintings or photos of paintings that were given to people to show the type of work done by an artist and they are quite collectible. Today, in the scrapbooking venue, they are varieties of ATC in different sizes and show different scrapbooking techniques. Mine are just so simple!

first: it was like these...
ta da... vibrant and colourful

On my next entry, another canvas project again...


  1. Oh wow! These are gorgeous! :)

  2. Hey beb,I love this project a lot. I have not done any atc yet. Perhaps will try it one day. Thanks for d inspiration n great work!!! Beautiful..:)

  3. Thanks Kak Ame! Can't wait to see yours...

  4. very2 pretty ATC yuz :) it's been a while since my last ATC ehehehehe


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