Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mommy I scrap too...

This one is my last layout that was done during the Merdeka's holiday, it is the 7th layout. Incomplete mission, I wanted to create 10 layouts - managed to get 7 done. Remember, I did my canvas project in between...that is why I can't reach 10.

It was a picture of my girl playing with my slice and big shot machine. I made my own girl dress banner, embellished them a bit and run them with my Singer sewing machine and hand stitched the bottom part of the layout and I used Maya Road mist.


  1. cuteness LO. i love the hanging dresses! very unique

  2. very cute LO! and yes love tht dress banner, cute!

  3. That banner of little dresses is too sweet!

  4. Well, I have had a lack of creative juices lately...but now...I think I will be doing a few scrap pages today! THANK YOU so much for sharing this awesome layout! Now...I only have boys (sigh) - 3 boys and 3 grandboys..(how does this HAPPEN?!?!) I mean, couldn't one little teny tiny girl have been thrown into the mix? How long do I need to experience "pink" and "tea parties"?

    I was born a scrap-booker AND a mommy/grandmaw of all boys?

    What kind of universal joke is that?!??! HUH?
    Especially since Anna Griffin is one of my favorite scrap page designers...try turning toile and damask into boy pages?!?! lol

    Ahh ... just a little all boy mommy/grandmaw humor there - they are all healthy and smart and gorgeous too I may add (girls...I got a single 27 yr old male here...great Italian guy...hard worker - and he has one little guy, who shares the same qualities...4 years old) let me know about the hook up! LOL
    (Yes...we mawmaws know words like hook up)
    BUT for me - hook up is long term ;)

    Gosh how he would kill me if he knew I was looking for his Miss Right on my scrap/art blogs! (cringing)

    Anywho - I will scraplife the line and dress idea...but I will have board shorts and t's - with a bit of mud & oil splashed on then (sigh) ...

    Thanks again for the inspiration!

  5. Thanks ladies for the loves' and thank you again for visiting my blog. Cheers, Yuzz


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