Monday, November 8, 2010

2 days with Julie Van Oosten

I had a blast in fact we had a blast last week with Julie Van Oosten. I don't regret at all attending for this class since her techniques and knowledge that I've got from her class totally awesome and brilliant! We keep on saying "I love this! I love this!" while doing our tri fold frame and of course there are so much of laughter, jokes, foods and so much fun! All of us are looking forward for our next art class and we can never forget Julie Van Oosten.

Thanks to Sharon of Scrappingville for organizing this for all of us and here are some photos taken during the classes.
1st day with Julie

yours truly with Julie on the 2nd day

This group created an art tiles for Puan Sri Wendy Ong for her birthday

group photo on our 2nd day

1st day we created this tri fold frame

and these make and take, everyone did their own amazing spools

this is what we created on our 2nd day of class

I would like to thanks Naddy and Puan Sri Wendy Ong for the photos. I also meet up with new scrappers and talented artist on these 2 days, what an awesome experience. On another note I strongly recommend you to go if Julie happened to be here again in Kuala Lumpur. Her techniques are totally out of this world and simply vintage, earthy colours and classic. I will never look at chipboard the same way again. Please visit Scrappingville if you interested to get her Collection Elements.

Thank you for dropping by and have a good week ahead.


  1. I love your finished layout!

  2. You are SO lucky!!! Julie is such a talented, beautiful lady!!!!I have worked for her in the past and hope to again! i love what you created!!!

  3. Thanks LG & Ebony, Julie is such an amazing and talented artist. I just love the workshop and what I created are something amazing and vintage!

  4. The projects sure look like those that I would drool for! I luv spools!! Yuz u gotta teach me...I hope Julie will be back n I'll b the first to sign in :)

  5. Kak Liza, in fact rugi tak join the class...nanti bila2 I teach you ok.

  6. Hey it was my pleasure to come and teach! thanks for a wonderful time in KL, loved meeting you Yuzz, you are such a tiny sweet lady! And not to forget your beautifully done work, and I loved your little spools, they are somewhat addictive to make!


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