Monday, November 1, 2010

Lace doilies and crochet flowers

I did not scrap last week as I am just too lazy to scrap. I met Rita and collected these from her - thank you Rita!

here a photo of my bobby exploring and playing with my girl in the car.

By the way, I am counting my days as I am currently waiting patiently for my 3 boxes that has been shipped from US. I shopped and ordered a number of items online from 3 companies and I really can't wait for the shipments to arrive. Thanks for dropping by and have a good week ahead! Cheers


  1. Yuzz! Those crocheted flowers are very pretty! You had someone make them for you? And what did you buy?! Hahaha....Do show your haul if you have the time! Ciao!

  2. Hello! Kim

    Rita did those crochet and doilies for me, I ordered from her and asked her to do some for me in random order, design and colours. She brought & showed me whatever she has done and normally I will just buy all.

    I bought online some kits, embellishments, big shot (as my 1st big shot broken)and some big shot accessories, papers, MS punchers, Tim Holtz and many more. I will definitely share in this blog. Cheers, Yuzz

  3. hi Yuzz, nice to have met you las Sat and thanks for dropping by my blog... I love your work! You are really talented lah :)

    Have fun and I'll be dropping by more in the future! :)

  4. i'm drooling over the crocheted flowers..gorgeous!

  5. Sorry if I should know this but who is Rita and how much does she charge for the flowers? :))

  6. Hey ya! I like the crochet flowers. Can't wait to see what you gonna do with it. Wohoooo someone did some serious online shopping!


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