Monday, August 23, 2010


Hi! How are you everyone and how was your weekend? Mine is fulled to the brim...with scrapbook, meeting friends, break fast with the whole clan and spending quality times with the family (a must).

I had so much fun on Saturday, went to the park in the morning with my other half and the little one. After which I joined my scrapbook class, meeting new scrapbookers and of course a little theraphy for me...I bought another slice magnetic mat again with some other things. This time I bought a lot of plain papers and a few patterned papers. The green slice mat will be sold to my ready buyer for only RM120. The below picture are what I grabbed!

I did not scrap at home over the weekend so no update on layout or anything, just working on my canvas and mini album (can you spot my 7Gypsies mini album in the picture above). the way I did these over the weekend before I am off to the park. However, it is more like a trial in error and it turns out not bad and I like it (of course these body form below inspired by Donna Downey). The next time I will try to sew in a variety of colored/ fabrics. Isn't these gorgeous, no?

On another note, I am waiting for my acrylic items (album & etc) to arrive, had to order from someone as I couldn't find them in our scrapbook store. The one in scrapbook store are a little bit different from what I want.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great week ahead.


  1. cute and adorable ur blog!

    thx for ur comment!

  2. u r so creative! cantik sangat ur work.. nanti i ajar i k.. :)
    thanks for dropping by yesterday.. so nice meeting you...

  3. terror la you! cantik dress form boleh jual :)...and great stash. may there be lots more to come! hehehe

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  5. lovely body forms yuz! wish i could sew ehehehe

  6. Thank you Jason and ladies for the comments.


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