Thursday, August 26, 2010

No mojo...

I am still mojoless and I am expecting Mr Mojo to come knocking my door tonight at around 9pm. Hopeful he will make it this time!

At the same time I would like to share with you on how I keep my ribbons. I love ribbons and you can't go wrong with ribbons. My ribbons storage was like this before...

yesterday I was busy twirling them into these wooden thread spool...

Share with me - how you keep your ribbons?


  1. Your ribbon spools are so neat! May I ask where do you get the wooden spools from? My ribbons are all messed up in 3 separate drawers and my grosgrain ribbons are in a big plastic bag. (Very shamed-faced) Nothing neat like this.

  2. Hi! Michelle, thanks for the comment. I am a clean scrapper everything has to be neat and tidy and my scrapping table is hardly in a mess. After every project I will make sure it is back to the original look (clean and tidy). Same goes to my embellishments, papers and etc. All has it own space/storage area. If you want the wooden spool please e-mail me at

  3. What a great ribbon stash you have.
    Here's my ribbon organizer :


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