Friday, August 6, 2010

A little update

I can't wait for my fabric album class tomorrow at Papier and will be seeing fellow scrappers as well. Not to mention, this weekend will be packed with a lot of other activities as well. Among others - my weekly yoga classes, meeting up with friends, groceries shopping and spending time with the family.

Yesterday night I tried to scrap but nothing was done as I am still "mojoless" and I can't even match my paper with the photos. However, my other friends are busy scrapping and producing amazing works.

Tonight I will have to get my Mimi bag ready for the class tomorrow with Rosa. Slice machine have to be charged and we are also required to bring few embellishments.

On another note, anyone care to share with me a contact for piano tuning? My piano at home need to be tuned. This make me thinking of buying a digital piano, easier - you don't have to tune and it is lighter. To my other half, if you are reading this don't shake your head please - "smile" instead.

What will you be doing this weekend, share with me...


  1. Hey beb..thanks for reminding me!!! I totally forgot to charge mine..whatelse to bring? lol..

  2. Kak Ame
    brings some ribbons, buttons, ice stickles (if you have), ink archival safe something (if x de x pe), glue, scissors - that's all I can remember. See you!


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