Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Sunday madness!

Last week Sunday - myself, Amelia and Mariam met up with Rita as agreed to collect our orders on crochet flowers and doilies. Mariam and I ordered a whole bunch of crochets flowers and Amelia ordered doilies (Amelia has ordered crochet flowers previously). Thanks to Amelia for recommending Rita to all of us. Here are my crochet flowers and I ordered a little white cover for my yo yo.

After that Elaine, June, myself and Amelia went for scrapbook shopping spree and these are mine...
We plan to have this kind of madness once in a while, anybody care to join us?


  1. wahhh bestnye!!! I dari dulu lagi teringin nak buat .. nak cari time tu yang susah :( Jealous!

  2. WOW. Drooling over ur crochet gorgeous!! I love ur shopping spree items too. What a lucky girl.

  3. Nana & Sharon

    Sometimes it is good to do this type of is a therapy la babe.


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